How to Wear a Patent Leather Skirt Fit for the Holidays


Madeline, Fashion and Style

You probably opened this article not knowing what patent leather is – or at least being a little unsure of how to wear it. Patent leather is leather specially coated to make a high shine. Like other types of animal skin, real patent leather is pretty expensive. However, brands like Urban Outfitters and Mango carry faux patent leather, which is much cheaper and an easy replacement.

  1. If your skirt is black, it will be easy to Christmas-fy the outfit. Adding an “ugly” Christmas sweater to your black skirt is plenty Christmas for one outfit. Navy lace up boots complete the look, and a velvet choker that matches the color scheme (black, red, forest green, navy, grey) is another nice touch. Of course, you can create whatever color scheme you want to match the occasion. However, these particular color choices splendidly compliment with  the Christmas holiday season.
  2. Another option may be using a ribbed mock-neck sweater paired with your skirt to create a sleek combo. Calf-high boots and or chelsea boots with socks that come to mid calf (not a print!) will do for the shoe choice. Wear your hair in a high, loosley curled ponytail with a velvet ribbon, giving some sass to the outfit. Add silver jewelry for some holiday flair.
  3. Finally, a neutral-toned sweater can counteract the shiny-ness of the patent leather skirt, creating a more subtle look. To stay warm, a classic pair of black nylons will do you well – bonus points for donning striped socks that peek out of your boots! To make this outfit fit for Christmas, add matte metallic accessories like a big scarf or a hair ribbon.

Wearing a skirt like this is sure to make a statement. Don’t be afraid of the shine the skirt provides: tone it down with the tips listed above. Have fun during the holidays!

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