Deal or No Deal


Naod F., Editor-in-Chief

While Black Friday has been the day for people to go and get the best in-store deals, Cyber Monday has been on the rise since 2005 when the term was first coined, and Cyber Monday now has surpassed Black Friday according to the amount of money it rakes in (McGrath). In 2017 alone, Cyber Monday made $6.6 billion, and Black Friday earned only $5 billion (Amadeo).

Cyber Monday has gained popularity due to the heavy integration of technology into our daily lives, and people have been going to the stores less and less. This is mainly because people want to be able to spend their money on deals without having to leave the comfort of their home. However, not all people like buying their items online even if there are great deals. Some people don’t like buying online in general because they don’t want to pay the extra shipping charges, don’t appreciate the inability see or handle the product before buying it, or just don’t like the wait that comes with shipping.

In addition to some consumers not being a fan of Cyber Monday, many retail stores dislike Cyber Monday because the physical store don’t make as much money since people are buying online. Throughout 2018, retailers have been filing for bankruptcy at record highs: most notably, Toys R Us. Additionally, because Cyber Monday is taking over the market, many more retailers will close down, and the “former J.C. Penney CEO Mike Ullman said that only 25 percent of America’s 1,200 shopping malls will survive over the next five years” (Amadeo). While these retailers have struggled to compete with online shopping, online sites like Amazon have taken advantage of this giant market, and it has shown because Amazon is the biggest shopping site for Cyber Monday.

Personally, I did not participate in Cyber Monday this year, nor did I participate in previous years, but I have seen the great deals people can get. Cyber Monday is one of the best ways for you and others to buy what you want at lower prices. Also, this is a great time to buy Christmas presents for others instead of waiting for the last second and not having as many deals. However, not all people are on the Cyber Monday bandwagon because of some of the negative implications it brings along with it. Although Cyber Monday has come and gone this year, just wait for next year when it comes around again on December 2nd 2019.


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