Christian Yelich, Down for the Count!

Evie C., Editorial

In January 2018 the Milwaukee Brewers’ roster gained another player, the future MVP of the 2018 season, Christian Yelich. When Christian Yelich was traded to Milwaukee from the Miami Marlins, every Brewer fan in Milwaukee had high hopes for the coming season. Christian Yelich carried the team to the NLCS Championship title. 

Prior to Yelich’s knee cap injury, he had 44 home runs this season. He was leading the team to greatness for the second year in a row before he got hurt. During the Brewers game against the Miami Marlins, Christian Yelich’s former team, Yelich hit a foul ball into his right knee cap and fractured it. Brewers fans everywhere were crushed when they heard the horrible news that Christian Yelich would be out for the rest of the regular season. However, instead of ruining all of the fans’ dreams of the playoffs, Brewer fans have started cheering even more for the team.

The Brewer’s record without Christian Yelich was 20-11. The Brew Crew was three games behind the Chicago Cubs and seven games behind the St. Louis Cardinals one week after Christian Yelich was out. Now they are one game behind the Cardinals, and seven games ahead of the Cubs. 

I personally think that ever since Christian Yelich has gotten hurt, the entire Brewers team has rallied closer together. They are playing in a much more fundamentally sound way, and Yelich hasn’t had to worry about how the crew is doing without him. For the past year, most Brewers fans have relied mainly on Yelich as the team has done. Since he has been hurt, many other players have had the chance to shine, such as Keston Huira, Ryan Braun, Yasmani Grandal, and Lorenzo Cain. Other than Keston Huira, these four players have been outstanding in batting and fielding. In my opinion, Keston Huira is a liability when fielding. While watching a Brewer Game, every time the ball is hit to Huira I hold my breath. It seems as though he is thinking ahead too much, and he misses the ground ball.

In conclusion, Christian Yelich’s injury has been a blessing in disguise for the Brew Crew. They have surprising been playing incredible without him. The Brewers fans have become more fond of other players, and they have also been more excited about each game. However, once the Brewers made their comeback in the league, they lost in the wildcard game against the St. Louis Cardinals.  

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