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Quarantine Activities at Home

Quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only those in the United States but everyone across the globe. The spread of Coronavirus and nations’ attempts to slow the virus has caused people to stay home all day, leaving them unable to hang out with friends or go places. Instead, people have been challenged to find fun at home. According to some students at St. Robert School, true enjoyment can still be achieved through technology use, getting exercise, and keeping up with friends through social distancing.

Most teens in today’s society find themselves consuming much of their free time through technology in some sort of way. This could mean playing video games, watching Netflix, or scrolling through any social media platforms. According to a couple of the eighth-grade boys at St. Robert, some middle schoolers have found enjoyment by playing video games. They can play video games at home on their own, or even join a social gaming platform to connect with their friends while they play. Others have used social media daily as well in order to check in with their friends, share their daily lives, and explore what others are up to.

While sitting back and relaxing with some sort of technology is nice, many have been using this time at home to get in better shape. Ava, an eighth-grader and St. Robert, explained how she has been going on runs and walks with her family members in order to stay in shape. This provides great daily exercise, a break from screen time, and a chance to catch up with family members in a relaxing activity. Along with getting fresh air from the outdoors, people have also been doing at-home body-strengthening workouts and lifting weights. Some have created their own regimes while others are following exercise routines posted on a variety of platforms to follow. Finding time to exercise on a daily basis is very important for one’s health, especially during this time where sports are canceled t and people are feeling more compelled to lounge around. 

Because of the social distancing orders, many people haven’t been able to get together with friends, but some have been using technology and other creative ways to talk to each other despite the orders. For example, many teens have been keeping up through social media apps or FaceTiming online. It is important to keep up with friends because many people may be feeling isolated and lonely, so being able to talk to others in any sort of way is nice. It is also possible to hang out with friends as the weather improves by meeting at a park and having a picnic or chatting from six feet apart.

During quarantine, people have found technology usage, maintaining a healthy physique, and keeping up with friends are great ways to cure boredom. Although this is a time of sadness and loneliness for many people, having a healthy mindset is very important during this crisis and certainly turn around perspectives.

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