A UFO In Hawaii

Eliza T, Columnist

Scientists say that a blue UFO crashed into the waters of Oahu, Hawaii, on December 29th. Many people saw the blue saucer crash, some recorded it, and others reported the incident to 911, which led the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to go investigate what had really happened. The FAA officials weren’t able to make out what happened, and claim that there was not any plane, helicopter, or any other aircraft incidents that could have caused this.

The videos of the mysterious sighting were posted on YouTube on January 4th. People say that there might have been aliens in the spacecraft, but others think the “craft” may  have only been an LED kite. An LED kite is  sort of like a glow-in-the-dark kite.

A 38-year-old girl named Moriah, saw the supposed UFO and said the craft looked as long as a telephone pole. When she looked up at the sky, she was surprised at what she just saw in front of her eyes. “I started to film the event, hopped in my car with my family, and followed the bright blue spacecraft for three miles until it crashed into the ocean.” Moriah said.

Then, she called 911 and an officer arrived. That is when Moriah and her husband saw another light that was white instead of blue. The white one was smaller and it was coming in the same direction as the blue one. They weren’t able to track the second craft because it disappeared over a mountain. Policemen said that they had no more additional information about the sighting.

It’s unknown what might have caused this sight, but it is not unknown that people might have mistaken the UFO for everyday human things. This was the last mysterious sighting of 2020, but there may be more to come in 2021.


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