Never Say Never


“I have a stupid idea,” Caitlyn, my twin sister, tells me as she closes our bedroom door. “We should do it.”

“Why?” I ask. “If it’s stupid what’s the point of doing?”

“Why do you have to be such a goody two shoes?” She sighs, dramatically throwing herself down onto her bed, disrupting the many throw pillows strewn about.

“I’m not a goody two shoes!” I protest, sitting down at my desk. “I just don’t like getting in trouble.”

“That’s being a goody two shoes!” Caitlyn pulls out her homework.

“Is not!” I say, putting my homework back into my backpack. Unlike my sister, I started my homework right when I got home from school, not at 8:30 pm.

“Diane, you started your homework right when you got home. You’re always doing chores and helping mom and you never get in trouble. That’s being a goody two shoes,” my sister tells me.

“And if that’s me. Then you’re the exact opposite,” I say back. “A baddy two shoes.”

“That’s not even a word,” Caitlyn chides me.

I quickly open up my computer and search ‘baddy’ in the search engine.

“Baddy,” I say. “According to Google it means a villain or criminal in a story, movie, etcetera.”

Caitlyn rolls her eyes at me. “You really had to Google it?”

“Yes,” I say, closing my laptop. “I did.”

“Goody two shoes,” she whispers then in her normal voice, “But back to the real point. I think we should do it.”

I turn away from my homework and look at her. “Why?”

Caitlyn rolls her eyes again. “Because TPing the public museum is awesome. Duh.”

“But it’s stupid!” I exclaim.

“Well, I’m doing it,” she tells me. “I have it all planned out. I have all the toilet paper hidden and Marissa is meeting me at the museum at 9:00.” She quickly changes into black clothes and then starts to pull open a window at the side of our room. Before stepping out, Caitlyn looks at me over her shoulder. “Are you coming?”

I think for a minute. What’s going to happen? We’re not going to get caught, I’m positive.

“Fine,” I say and Caitlyn smiles. “Just a second.”

I quickly text Lydia, another one of our friends, and tell her what we’re doing and inviting her along. While I’m waiting for her response, I throw on some black leggings, a tank top, a black hoodie and a black beanie. My phone dings with a ‘yes’ from Lydia, confirming my decision to do this. Before leaving, I turn off the overhead light and, after I turn off Caitlyn’s bedside lamp, Caitlyn and I throw pillows under our covers.

“Let’s go,” I say to Caitlyn.

As Caitlyn sits on the ledge of our window, getting ready to jump out, I start to get nervous. I wring my hands behind my back as I watch my sister. There is a huge tree right outside our room, so she quickly jumps to the closest branch. After shimmying down the tree, Caitlyn waves me down. I jump to the branch then close the window behind me. My heart pounds against my chest as I clamber down the tree. When my feet are safely on the ground, we take off running towards the public museum and my fears are left in our front yard. Since we live only a few blocks away, we get there in under ten minutes. Caitlyn and I find Marissa and Lydia standing under a tree at the edge of the museum’s property. I wait with our friends while Caitlyn grabs the toilet paper she stashed nearby. A few minutes later she comes back dragging two large suitcases behind her.

“Don’t ask,” Caitlyn tells us.

She turns to Marissa, “Did you get it?”

Marissa smirks. “Did you ever doubt me?” Dramatically, she reaches into her pocket and slowly pulls out a single key.

“The master key,” Lydia breaths.

“Yup,” Marissa says. “You can thank me later.”

“Take these,” Caitlyn says to me and Lydia, indicating to the two suitcases. We oblige and follow her and Marissa to the main entrance of the museum. I start to get nervous again. What would happen to us if we did get caught? Would we have to go to juvie? Thoughts run through my head, filling me with anxiety.

“Now, before we go in we have to have a game plan,” Caitlyn tells us, breaking me out of my thoughts. “Marissa and I are going to TP all the exhibits on the first floor. Diane, you and Lydia are going to do the second floor. Marissa and I’ll take one suitcase and you guys will take the other. There should be enough toilet paper in each suitcase, if not more. TP all the exhibits as fast as you can. Then we’ll exit the door we came in. Got it?”

“Got it,” we repeat.

Lydia gives Caitlyn one suitcase, I cross my fingers and Marissa slips the key into the lock, turns it then pushes the huge door open.

“We’re in,” she whispers and we enter the dark museum on tip toes.

We sneak through the main entrance way and pair off. Lydia and I run up the stairs to the second floor and I feel as if my heart will jump out of my chest. The dinosaur exhibit is the first one we see so we decide to TP it first. We can see the huge skeletons of long dead species casting shadows around the exhibit. A few small night lights light up small sections of the exhibit, leaving many dark corners. We’re just about to enter when we hear,

“Stop where you are and put your hands above your head!”

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