Music Composition

Senna C.

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Have you ever wanted to learn to write music? Well you are in luck!  This year, a new class has been added to the middle school music program called Music Composition. It replaced of advanced music and is taught by Mrs. Janisch. The main focus in this class is to learn how to write music using technology. The students use many different sites and applications, such as Noteflight, Garage Band, and Phil Tulga. When asked about why she made the new program, Mrs. Janisch, “Well Mrs. Beckman and I talked about it, we both thought it was a good idea and would be fun for the students.”

So far this year the students have learned how to use the websites and are just beginning to learn how to write music. They have all written a small song and learned how to write the song “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven. They also have learned a little bit about how math ties into music. “I think it’s cool because we get to make music on the computers.” said Grant Conlon.

Before every class the students have to ask an opinion based question, like “What is your favorite instrument and why?” or “What is you favorite type of music and how does it make you feel.” Music composition also offers for you to use your own mind and helps you to become more creative.

If you want learn how to write music, sign up for music composition.

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