New Year, New Club

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Students at St. Robert School have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of activities at Saint Robert. One activity in particular is designing the yearbook. A group of students in middle school have been working hard in the new club to design this year’s yearbook. In the past, student’s weren’t given the opportunity and a company designed many of the pages with the guidance and care of second grade teacher, Mrs. Luna. This year, the yearbook will be designed by the middle school students of Yearbook Club.

The middle school math teacher, Ms. Biernacki, runs the club. There are currently 35 students in Yearbook. Ms. Biernacki wants the new yearbook to reflect the student body as it truly is. In the past, the yearbook was composed of posed pictures of students and special events such as pep rallies. This year, Ms. Biernacki hopes to add more daily life depictions to the pages. Yearbook Club has already taken pictures of the Seton tournament, a pep rally, the Fall Festival, and more. Members of the club plan on continuing to capture other major events throughout the year, such as Catholic School’s Week.

Each meeting, the club divides into several small groups. Each one of those groups will meet with a grade level teacher and plan out when the students will take pictures of that particular grade. The yearbook advises that if a student – who isn’t a part of the club – attends big school events, that they should take pictures and send them into the yearbook club.

One seventh grader, Emilie, is thrilled to have joined the club this year. Emilie really enjoys the meetings, and she believes that it is good experience allowing her to explore the world of photography. Emilie also likes Yearbook Club because the club provides opportunities to meet people throughout middle school, not just those she sees in class. Emilie’s small group has been charged with documenting and meeting with the fourth grade. Emilie looks forward to more color being present in the yearbook this year and more pictures filling the pages. She joined Yearbook Club because she thought it seemed fun – which it is – and it’s something that Emilie’s never done before.

The yearbook will be different than the yearbooks in the past because this year, the club is planning on adding more to the book. The club has been fundraising to buy more pages. Some fundraisers included an out of uniform day in November when each student paid two dollars to be out of uniform and a bake sale in December. In the past, the yearbook was filled with posed pictures of students, but this year, the club hopes to have the pictures filling the new pages to reflect the daily life of Saint Robert.

In 2016, the student body has a lot to look forward to, especially the given the revitalized yearbook. Students will be able to see their daily life at Saint Robert captured in photos. Yearbook Club now allows students from different grade levels meet each other, to learn about photography, and creatively express their school experience.  Ms.Biernacki is very confident that the club will continue into the 2016-2017 school year. She stated, “We have a long road ahead of us [but] I think we’ll be successful.”

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