The Campus That is Off Campus

Reed, Off Campus News Editor

Everyday, dozens of students from St. Robert School go to The City Market, a local café chain. Many people enjoy the delicious bakery items sold there, especially the older students as it gives them time to get together after school. This restaurant is more than just a café; it’s a second campus for students at St. Robert School.

The City Market, more frequently referred to as City Market, happens to be right across the street from St. Robert School, so many students go there everyday; this café serves many bakery items. A favorite treat of many is the cinnamon rolls. They have a wide selection of meals as well, from flatbread pizza to salad. Seventh grader Cal, a student from St. Robert School, says that the create-your-own tuna sandwich is his favorite dish at the café. City Market has pretty much become a meeting place for students due to the delicious food served up each day.

Students go to City Market for a variety of reasons in addition to the tasty treats. One reason to trek across the street is to do homework, and since there is free WIFI, it is good place to study with treat on the side. This is also a great opportunity to work with friends on homework as a team as many people can congregate in one corner of the restaurant. Also, it is fun just to spend time with one’s pals after the stressful school day.

As Cal testifies, “It’s a great place to hang out with my friends.”

City Market is also a good place to pop into if one’s ride home from school is late, especially in the winter months. This café has become such a big part of St. Robert School that even the teachers go there for lunch, and as seventh grader Makayla, a student, says, “It’s a safe environment for me to hang out with friends and eat.”

The City Market has also made an impact on the community. Now, even things as small as their cookies have become a part of student life. People love them so much that they have been used as prizes in competitions. To students like seventh graders Cal and Makayla, City Market has been a great help with their studies as it offers a comfortable place to do homework. Overall, The City Market is a big part of the St. Robert community, attracting students and teachers alike.

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