Secret Saint

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Winter has been known internationally as a season of giving for a very long time. Holidays such as St. Nick’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day manifest giving in these times. St. Robert’s middle school students have been joining in this great trend of care and offering by participating in a “Secret Saint” program. This program was created by middle school teacher, Ms. Mathews; the program is similar to the well known tradition of “Secret Santa.”

Each student gets assigned one person in their grade, and then they do nice things and try to bring their assigned person happiness. Before the project of kindness began, Ms. Mathews made the students take an oath promising not to spend money or tell anyone who their person was. The first portion of the oath, no spending money, was more than likely broken but all in kindness, trying to get their partner the best things possible. Many common deeds were writing kind notes on lockers, carrying other’s books, giving each other treats: cookies, candy, chocolate pretzels, etc., and just being nice to their person overall.

The students seemed to enjoy this idea immensely. When asked about this great “Secret Saint” program, Lilly, an eighth grader, said, “When someone did something for me I felt very special, like someone else was trying to be kind for me. I think it should be a tradition because it makes the classmates be kind to someone and make them feel special.”

Whenever someone feels happy, it is always great. Of course a priority in every school is for the students to feel comfortable and cared for. Overall, this project was a very great and productive idea that brought the middle-school community closer. Thanks to Ms. Mathews for the spectacular idea, and hopefully the students can keep up this streak of kindness and care!   

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