5 Ways to Master the Midi Skirt

Madeline, Guest Writer

Midi skirts are very hard to pull off, but they make a great statement for summer. A girl can look stunning in one, or it could be a disaster because the proportions are off. This guide will help you achieve the former and avoid the latter, wearing a midi skirt in the best way you through the summer heat.

A midi skirt falls near the middle of the calf, but any length around there could be considered a midi skirt. I personally like midi skirts that fall 2 to 3 inches below the knee, but really any length is flattering.

1. Skirt – A solid colored midi skirt is always a safe choice if you are not yet confident with this clothing garment, but if you are a bold fashionista, you might want to go for a pattern or a print. Flowers are a classic summer pattern, and they can be easily paired with a white blouse or something similar. If you do go for a print, the print should be the star of the show, and you shouldn’t overdo the outfit. Wearing too many patterns could cause the outfit to clash, and it wouldn’t be as flattering as if you had kept it simple. There are many variations on the skirt itself as well, such as side slits and pockets.

2. Socks – Be bold with your socks. Socks are an often forgotten accessory, but don’t let that stop you from having fun with them! Wear patterned socks, socks with a simple print, or a plain color like mustard yellow. Socks that have, for example, cats riding spaceships on them can make the outfit look overdone and tacky. The socks that I suggested are fun, but they are simple enough to make the outfit look clean. My point is that if you wear fun, but relatively simple, socks with your midi skirt, it can not only keep you a little warmer when it’s chilly, but the socks will give your outfit a “carefree” touch. In order for this to work, make sure your socks peek out a bit!

3. Shoes – Shoes are a confusing subject in terms of midi skirts. I’m going to be straightforward here –  ankle straps of any kind, weather on heels or on flats, are a no-no with midi skirts. They appear to cut into the ankle, and that visually shortens the leg. Some people advise not to wear ankle boots with midi skirts  – again due to the “cutting into the leg” – but I personally think that as long as the ankle boots aren’t the same color as your midi skirt, it should look fine. As for knee-high or over-the-knee boots, make sure the hem of your skirt doesn’t meet the top of your boots. Instead, go for boots that go under the skirt, so that no tops (of the boots) are visible. Please, do not wear flip-flops with your midi skirt. Instead, consider wearing more classic sandals.

4. Shirts – Shirts, when they are worn with midi skirts  – or really any type of skirts –  should always be tucked in. When they aren’t, your outfit appears slouchy immediately. There is an easy rule to follow: if there is volume on the bottom, avoid volume on the top. For example, if you were to wear a voluminous skirt, wear a slightly tighter top. Avoid wearing oversized anything with a voluminous midi skirt. This rule is less true so vice versa. However, if there isn’t volume on the top, you can consider adding volume to the bottom, but this may not always work. If your midi skirt is more form fitting, it would look great with, for example, a chunky/oversized sweater because there would be volume on the top but not the bottom.

5. Accessories – If you don’t already have color in your outfit, accessories are a quick way to add a splash without giving too much. Statement jewelry is an easy way to give a burst of color, and it can even change the vibe of your entire outfit. If you already have a lot going on in your outfit, skip the statement necklaces and instead go for a daintier necklace. Both of these types of jewelry are easy to find in stores. Belts with skirts always look good, and they also add an interesting touch of detail and care. As for purses, small cross body bags or handbags are the way to go. The look of the bag depends on the feel of your outfit. For example, a studded bag pairs nicely with a leather jacket. This keeps the vibe in place.

I hope this guide was helpful to you! If you remember these five easy steps, you will be the master of the midi skirt.


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