Run to Have Fun

Lucy and Natalie, Guest Writers

POW goes the shotgun! The race has started. Adrenaline courses through one’s body with every step. The runner watches as others slowly inch closer, closing the gap. The racer can see the finish line in the distance as the body’s legs become heavier and heavier. Once the finish line is steps away, all other thoughts come to a stop as the thin ribbon breaks. Every St. Robert track participant has lived this story. Kids all over should participate in track because it’s beneficial for their health, it encourages teamwork, and they will feel a rush of positive emotions when running.

Running can be very good for one’s health. Mrs. Nesemann, one of the coaches at St. Robert School explains, “It is good for your heart, [and] it’s good for your lungs…You can lose weight, [and] you can get more toned.” Running can help kids become fit and can give them some fresh air. If anyone was to join track, he/she would not only be able to have fun when running, they would also stay healthy in the process.

In addition to helping one’s health, running track also promotes the message of

teamwork. When running track, team members will do activities such as relays. In a relay, teammates will be at different spots on the track, and one person will have to hand off the baton to another person. Each member of the relay team must be able to support and work together with his/her teammates in order for a relay to be successful. While track is usually an independent sport outside of relays, when running certain distances, it’s important to be able to cheer other teammates and communicate well. In conclusion, being on a track team teaches kids to communicate and work well with their teammates.

Lastly, the feelings one gets amidst running a race are exhilarating. When a racer is running, he/she can feel like flying. Sometimes running can be hard. Katie a student at St. Robert explains how she feels during her race. “ I get this nervous feeling wondering, will I fall? and things like that.” Running can bring pain, but part of running is being mentally tough. Although running can be painful, it can also bring joy. Running can make one feel proud, especially when crossing the finish line. Katie says, “ I think I learned and got a lot out of it.”

Track can help kids stay in shape, it can help kids learn to communicate with others, and it can help people to experience emotions while running. Track can be a factor in losing weight and staying healthy. It can help people interact with others and make people feel good when running. All children, no matter their athletic ability, can run. All children should be able to experience the benefits of running. Kids should sign up for track today to experience hard work and perseverance, teamwork, successful results, and, most importantly, to have fun!



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