From Speakers to Leaders

Phoebe, Saints and Leaders

There have been many great leaders of the past such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, and Malala Yousafzai, but have you ever wondered what made them such great leaders? Their speaking. Their communication skills have made them great as it allowed them to spread and share their influential ideas with the world around them; their voices were heard.

One of the best ways to become an excellent speaker is by participating in forensics. Forensics is a competitive speaking and acting opportunity available to all middle school students. Students work participate in one of 18 possible categories, sharpening their speaking skills and confidence throughout the season.

One good thing about forensics is that while improving your speaking skills,  it also helps with presentations in school. Forensics participant Kiki talks about how forensics has boosted her presenting grades. She says, “It helps you present… If I can present a sad poem, I can present my independent reading project.” Talking in front of a group of people becomes easier with this experience and she learned how to increase her volume, articulation, and tone when presenting.

Another benefit from doing forensics is the confidence that people gain. From doing forensics, many people learn how to share their thoughts and feelings clearer and let their inner self shine. Zincke claims, “You can express who you are and acting is a great thing to do and it’s important, sharing feelings with the world.” Forensics is a good way to improve your communication skills with others. It also boosts inner confidence and helps people show different aspects of their personalities. From gaining confidence, people get more comfortable sharing their feelings with others and speaking their mind. This is an essential component to becoming a strong leader.

Forensics is a good way to become an excellent speaker and presenter and also gives people new confidence to share their thoughts and feelings. Middle schoolers should participate in forensics to learn new skills and try new things because it can benefit them in many ways. Forensics shapes future leaders in shaping stronger communicators.

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