Calling All Knitters

Lucy W., Daily Life


When the frosty season of winter rolls around, everyone has one thing in mind: staying warm. What would we do without scarves to keep our neck warm? This simple piece of clothing  keeps us warm when we cannot bear the cold. Imagine people who do not have any garments, who live without shelter and warmth in this freezing weather.

5th grade teacher, Mrs. Dietz is inspired to help these people by doing something she loves: knitting simple scarfs. By making and donating these scarfs to the less fortunate, she is not only making a difference in their life, but she is doing something she enjoys. Mrs. Deitz wants to share her gifts and experience of knitting with everyone, including you!

Mrs. Dietz has been knitting for almost two years now, and she is almost entirely self taught. She originally bought a book to help her learn, but found it was harder to read text of the book, and she wanted more of a visual image. She then explains, “ I taught myself [with] youtube [tutorials] and it was easy because when I got confused or lost, I could just replay the video to help me.” Mrs. Dietz has been knitting ever since and even opened the idea of knitting to other members of her family. Though she knits a lot, Mrs. Dietz only knits scarfs. However, these scarves can come in a variety of colors, and are simple to make as they only require one stitch.

In addition to her start to knitting, you may be quite surprised with what she does with her finished garments. Mrs. Dietz donates most of her garments to shelters to help the poor. She states, “To date I probably have donated maybe about 95 scarves.” She really enjoys her knitting for this reason, as she explains, “It is really calming and I know that it is eventually going to help someone else and that is why I love the feeling knowing it is calm but I can make a small difference.” Knitting can spiritually affect people in a very positive way, not only from the joy they receive when knitting, but the fact that it is nice to know you are helping someone that may be less fortunate than you.

Knitting is something that everyone can do, and and Mrs. Dietz wants you to join her. She has dreamed up the idea of starting a club at school. She states, “I would oversee the club, I would look for both teachers, middle school students, and parishioners or community members to participate in the club. I would like it to be multi-generational, including retired knitters.” Mrs. Dietz wants this club to be open to all people who have different experience levels, and for all people who want to learn, or continue learning how to knit. Mrs. Dietz mentioned she would like to start assembling those interested in attending her club early next year, and she states, “My initial goal would be to have 10 experienced knitters, which would allow 20 students to learn to knit.” She wants to have some experienced knitters to help teach people too, so other people can have an opportunity to share their talents.

Knitting can be used to help people and it is a tool to pass down from generation to generation. Knitting garments can be fashionable and also can provide for people who are less fortunate or need a bit more warm in winter. So, calling all future knitters! Come and experience the benefits and pure pleasure of this fun activity with Mrs. Dietz and many more knitters.

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