Babies on Wheels

Lucy W., Daily Life Editor


St. Robert hosted a baby drive!

There are many mothers in the Milwaukee community who struggle to support themselves and their babies. These women may not be able to afford toys with which their children play, clothes for them to wear, or even bottles to feed their babies. This mother’s day St. Robert’s Student Leadership Council (SLC) wanted to help these women by donating items to support those mothers and children in the community that could benefit from a little help.

Maddie Guenther is one of the 8th grade students that participated in hosting the baby item drive. This is her first year in student council, and she stated, “I enjoy [student council] because it is really awesome to get together with my classmates and plan fun events and outreaches to the community.” The SLC is made up of a few members from each middle school class and overseen by two faculty members. SLC plans fundraisers, bake sales, and many events throughout the school community in order to serve the greater city of Milwaukee in addition to the students and the school.

Even though it may not seem like it, there was much preparation and work that went into this drive. Members of SLC had to make numerous posters, write and deliver several announcements, and even perform skits to promote the event. When asked about her contribution to the event, Maddie said, “I made posters to advertise the event, I said an announcement, and I talked to classrooms about the drive.” Some students also helped out by walking to each classroom and collecting all the items to find the total number of collected items.

The baby drive started on May 1st and came to a close on May 10th, and once it was over, the items were counted and delivered to those in need. The school collected over one hundred items to donate! Overall, the baby drive was a good way to promote positivity and support the community. Maddie states, “I think it was a success, and I would love to do something like this again in the future!”

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