The Art of Doodling

Sam, Guest Writer

If one has ever walked into a middle school class and seen kids with their notebooks out, there may be an assumption that they are taking notes. However, that assumption may be completely wrong. Many students may simply be doodling – an art form that is often overlooked or even scolded. With a piece of paper and a pencil, a kid could be amused for a whole day. From bubble letters to cartoon animals, a lot can go into the art of doodling.

The motivation to doodle is one that is under speculation – most often by teachers who question the doodler’s engagement in class Well, some seventh graders at St. Robert are big doodlers, and they can provide a unique insight into why they love to doodle. Maggie, a fellow doodler states, “I like to doodle because it helps me focus. I usually doodle about whatever comes to my mind.” She also says, “Doodling can be anything you want. Your doodles don’t have to be logical and neat. They shouldn’t be based off things that other people tell you to draw.” Doodling is really fun and a great way to occupy one’s extra energy while also listening to a teacher intentionally. People like Maggie find that it allows their focus in class to increase, not decrease as others may suspect. Doodling can let someone express themselves through their drawings and bring out their creativity.

Once a student starts doodling, the options for the sketch are endless. For example Phoebe, a 7th grader, states, “ I like to doodle about many different animals, also many different words that are in bubble letter form.” There are many different things to doodle about, but most people’s doodles are about things they enjoy doing or things they like in general. Maggie exclaims, “I like to doodle mostly people and animals, yet most of my animals I make are crazy.” Also, both Phoebe and Maggie claim that others tend to criticize their doodles, but it doesn’t really bother them because it’s something that they like to do.
Doodling can be done at anytime and really anywhere. Often times doodling isn’t just something somebody does in their free time. Maggie states, “I doodle on really anything I can. I like to doodle in notebooks primarily.” Sometimes one might fill a whole entire page with fun sketches. After they finish a page, they move to the next and so forth. According to Phoebe, “I draw whenever I have the chance. Usually I am pretty busy so I take whatever opportunity I have to draw. I like to draw before I go to bed and sometimes in some of my classes.” Also, one does not need to be a great drawer or artist to be able to doodle. Doodling is a pretty easy thing to do, and it doesn’t take up that much time.
In summary, doodling is one of the coolest forms of self expression and art! Doodling can be done whenever one feels like drawing; sometimes people just have artistic surges and this can allow amazing doodles to take place. In addition, doodling can help people express themselves through works of art while also focusing in class. Even though these pieces of doodling may not be displayed in a museum, they are still work of art. Give doodling a try; maybe it will unlock an artistic side in you.

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