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The famous Sherlock Holmes is known by many across the globe. Some know him from the classic books, others know him from the movies, but most know him from the modern TV show Sherlock. For those who haven’t acquainted themselves with the popular character, Sherlock Holmes is an introverted consulting detective, who is sometimes portrayed as a “high-functioning sociopath.”  

Sherlock takes place in London, England. As a result of the love and fandom this show has gained, there has been Sherlock Conventions held all across the world recently. At these conventions, fans have the opportunity to meet some of the cast, directors, and writers of the show. Some Sherlock fans here at St. Robert recommend going to the conventions and watching the show itself as they have found there is much to be enjoyed through this niche community. The show has great actors, it is very unique, and there is another great convention scheduled in October!

One of the reasons Sherlock is such a great show is due to the spectacular actors. Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch has starred in  Dr. Strange, Star Trek Into Darkness, and The Hobbit. All of these movies have received great reviews and all these positive comments exemplify just how great of an actor he is.

Another actor that stars in Sherlock is Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman plays the amazing Dr. John Watson who is not just Sherlock’s only friend, but his best friend. Watson and Sherlock have an inseparable bond, and they never fail to be there for eachother.  Additionally, Martin Freeman stars in other popular movies as well. For example, he acts in The Hobbit, Captain America: Civil War, and Love Actually. Martin Freeman also plays Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist  in the famous tale The Hobbit.

In addition to the show’s great actors, Sherlock has great reviews. Sherlock is a very appealing show. “It is so unique in so many ways,” Phoebe, another St. Robert Sherlock fan explains. “I have never been so into a show before.” Sherlock is unlike any other show one might see on TV. The characters play a huge role in making this show so unique. However, because of it’s uniqueness, many people dislike Sherlock. Sherlock is a very complex and eventful show, therefore the viewer must stay very attentive the whole time to follow the plot in each episode. However, people who do love the show, are drawn to watch it for the very reason that it makes viewers think and process the events that they are seeing on the screen. Maggie, an 8th grader at St. Robert, is a Sherlock expert. “It takes the characters we already know from the books and adds a dark twist to them in order to rise above the endless amount of modern crime shows,” Maggie explained. Furthermore, the books are very different from the show due to a major shift in time period. The books take place in the late 1800s – early 1900s since they were authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at that time while the TV show on Netflix takes place in the modern age.

Since this unique show has garnered such a loyal following, it now has an amazing convention as well! The convention is titled “SHERLOCKED” which is a phrase from one of the episodes, “A Scandal in Belgravia.” This convention is taking place in London, England on October 27-29, 2017. There are many anxious and excited fans who come from all across the world just to show up for the event. Most of the cast comes to conventions like this for interviews, autographs, and much more. Also, the writers usually come to give viewers the inside scoop on information about the show. Many fans that go to St. Robert are hoping to attend a convention because of the great reviews from fan attendees in the past.

In conclusion, Sherlock has an amazing cast, it is an extraordinary show, and has an entertaining convention taking place this fall! Sherlock is greatly recommended by all the fans right here at St. Robert, so next time the TV is on try watching an episode!


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