How to Wear a Statement Coat


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Winter is coming, and the cold is relentless for one living in the midwest. The freezing temperatures are horrible, but one thing that can help is having a coat that you might actually look forward to putting on in the morning. Statement coats are a great way to show some vibrant color in the soon to be gray realm of Wisconsin. These are coats that stand out all on their own; they’re often recognizable because of their unique colors, textures, patterns, or cuts.

Here are a couple ways you can pop with statement coats:

  1. Let the coat be the focus of the outfit – just wear a solid color like gray or white underneath so that the center of attention is the coat. This is pretty much foolproof with any statement coat.
  2. If your coat is a single, solid hue, you can create a monochrome look by wearing all one color. Without much thought put to it, this look can seem juvenile, but when considered more deeply, monochrome is a great way to make a statement without seeming flashy. Red, blue, white, and gray are some of the easiest colors to make a monochrome look with since a) they’re easy to wear, and b) you probably already have a lot of them in your closet. Make sure to mix textures when putting together this look.
  3. One trend you’ll soon be seeing everywhere is teddy coats. A little rougher that fur but similar to shearling, these coats are super cozy but also quite fashionable. These coats are relatively easy to find at low-budget retailers like Forever21 and Topshop, and they are really easy to style. Just match the tones of the jacket with your top and throw some jeans on (these coats look incredible with dark jeans) to complete the look.

Hopefully these tips will help you overcome your winter blues and add a little color to the cold, dull landscape.

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