Christmas Eve Mass

Leah, Daily Life

Christmas is right around the corner! St. Robert School annually celebrates with an amazing mass on Christmas Eve night. There is much excitement leading up to the Mass due to aspects like real live animals, and it is so crowded that often times some people have to stand in the back. Younger kids even have the opportunity to dress up as angels and walk down the aisle, escorting the priest during the processional. St. Robert is where all the magic happens on that special night, leaving each family in great anticipation for Christmas day than when they entered to church prior to Mass.

Emma, a new student at St. Robert School this year, explains her expectations of what a Christmas Eve Mass may include: “I expect that everyone in the congregation will be filled with joy from good news; they’ll hear of the birth of our Savior. I think that it will be an amazing service to go to because you get to hear the story of Jesus’ birth through songs, teachings, and even the people around you. I think that I would enjoy seeing how Christmas Eve is celebrated here at St. Robert…. Everyone celebrates Christmas in different ways, and I think I would enjoy participating in this mass.”

Many students and their family members get excited for this annual event. Tessa, an 8th grader at St. Robert has been to the mass multiple times. She states, “My favorite part of the mass is when Mary, Joseph, and the three wise men come down the middle aisle because it gives me the Christmas vibe.” This moment is a physical reminder as the individuals posing as the actors depict the miracle of Christ’s birth and his important role in the salvation of all.

After people go to Mass for the first time, the celebration becomes a tradition because the service is an extraordinary one that captures the hearts of all who attend. Family and friends celebrate the meaning of Christmas by going to this wonderful event. It’s the perfect occasion to welcome Jesus into this world and for everyone to be together enjoying His arrival. Christmas Mass draws a great crowd because everybody wants to be together to celebrate the coming of Jesus!

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