The 2017 Christmas Wishlist!

Maggie, Off Campus

Christmas is almost here, and that means the kids of St. Robert are preparing their lists. Although making Christmas lists is often a fun activity, it can also be stressful because sometimes kids don’t know what to ask for and there are simply too many options. After doing some research, the hottest presents of 2017 did become clear. These gifts are going to climb to the top of many children’s wish lists this holiday season!

For younger kids, toys such as trucks or dolls  are common gifts to be found under the tree. However, some brand new toy innovations are out, and it’s time to see what younger children will be wishing for this year. Goldieblox is a newer toy that strives to break female gender stereotypes. This toy educates young girls about building and provides insight on engineering. The toy is estimated to be a big hit once again this season, despite the fact that it has already been around for a handful of years . Also, the LEGO company has recently created a new remote control robot that kids can build out of the iconic LEGO pieces. There are plenty of additional new toys that kids will be seeing this season, but these two are estimated to be the biggest successes of the year.

However, as kids get older toys become less important. By the time students get to middle school, clothes, technology, and games take the place of playthings. A lot of the gifts middle schoolers desire are rooted in trending products and brands. For example, making and playing with slime is a new satisfying trend that many St. Robert kids have been dying to take part in. Technology today is also a major part of children’s lives and new tech is something that many kids hope will show up  under the Christmas tree. Last year, hoverboards were the big tech item all the kids wanted, but this year, the Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones and the brand new iPhone X are on the top of the list. On top of that, GoPro’s, gaming systems, phones, Amazon Echo’s, MacBooks, and Smart Watches are among the other pricey electronics that the older kids of this generation will most likely beg for this season.

However, technology is not the only thing that kids are asking for. Clothing items, especially for girls, are often a popular item for the holidays. The big shops like American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Gap, J. Crew, Old Navy, and Nordstrom are currently trending in the clothing department. Clothing is an essential, and as kids grow up, necessities take the place of toys and other pleasures when it comes to wishing for gifts. Things like socks, pajamas, shoes, and other clothing items are always appreciated  by older kids. There are other non-technological gifts however. Fun school supplies, stationary, and card games are also creative gifts to entertain any audience.

With the holidays coming up so quickly, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the numerous amount of things that are available to buy. Hopefully this article can provide insight on the newest and coolest gifts for children of all ages at St. Robert.

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