How to Dress like Millie Bobby Brown

Madeline, Fashion and Style

At only 13, it seems like Millie Bobby Brown already had her whole life figured out – especially her style. She’s always front row at fashion week and she has signed with a major modeling agency. She’s the face of Raf Simons first campaign for Calvin Klein and has graced multiple magazine covers, including Interview Magazine. Brown has been all the rage since the Netflix series Stranger Things was released in October 2016. Since then, she’s been the fashion world’s junior muse.

Brown isn’t afraid of risk taking. Her short, slicked back hair gives her spunk people much older then her are envious of. Her outfits, despite what one may think, are sophisticated but never stuffy. Her style is fun, but never juvenile. We’ve seen her wear almost every kind of shoe imaginable, including satin-studded pumps, patent leather climbing boots, the ugly sneaker (right on trend), kitten heels, and strappy sandals, to name a few.

If you are inspired by Millie, here are a few tips for you:

  • Take risks, but tastefully so. Don’t pile too many trends into one outfit. An easy way to refrain from doing this is to keep classic silhouettes (i.e. dresses with an obvious waistline) as the base of your outfit, and use shoes or accessories as an outlet for trends.
  • Pair patterns (dots, colors, stripes, etc) with solid colors. This way you can look stylish but not underthought.
  • Let a single-colored dress in an compelling cut be the focus of an outfit. If you keep accessories refined but interesting, the outcome can be very elegant.


These tips should give you some inspiration for winter as well as a new love for Millie Bobby Brown!

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