A Green Sparkling Party

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A Green Sparkling Party

Leah, Daily Life

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The Emerald Auction is the biggest event of the year to fundraise money for St. Robert school. Adults, families and friends in the St. Robert community get together on this day to have a fun night, while also raising money to benefit St. Robert School. This occasion offers food, beverages, dancing, and bidding for prizes. There is even a live performance from St. Robert’s Jazz Band.

Ms. DeLapp, a middle school teacher, went to Mexico (as a prize from the auction) with a group of teachers last year. She explained, “Teachers are always gifted tickets to the Emerald Auction. I think everyone likes to have teachers there as it puts a face to the education that the night is supporting. We absolutely always enjoy the evening as it gives us a chance to be with each other and the parents in our community in a social environment.” Teachers are often a key component of the night as the physical reminder that everyone is there raising money for the school to better the children’s education. Last year, this also benefited a group of teachers, like Ms. DeLapp, who ended up winning a trip at the auction.

According to Ms. DeLapp, “The teachers had decided that we would pool our own money together and bid on one of the big auction items – a trip to Mexico. We thought maybe if the room saw that it was teachers bidding, they just would just stop bidding and let us win. That didn’t happen, but what did was incredible. A couple parents, after we were going to give up the chance of winning, urged us to continue bidding, and offered to fund the trip. More and more parents then volunteered to sponsor us. It was incredible and the last thing any of us expected. I still cannot believe that it happened. The trip was incredible and the generosity of the parents was as well.” She went on to explain, “It is a privilege to be a member of the St. Robert community, not because some parents gifted us a trip, but because everyday parents show teachers and their kids that education matters. These gestures can be small or big, either way, being in an environment where your work is supported, is invaluable.”

The Emerald Action is labeled as an “Irish Festive Party,” and takes place around late February or early March. This tradition is so important and every year the auction is a successful event. There were many components that were added to the school over the past few years. Most of these new additions to the school were made possible by the money raised at the auction. One year the money raised was put into remodeling for  a new gym floor, which was a big milestone for St. Robert School. Another addition was the newly refurbished and painted library. The money raised for the 3D printer was also a big factor that could help develop students’ minds in a creative way.

The Emerald Auction is an amazing opportunity to enjoy a new experience and make memories. It also brings families together and this event is a great way to welcome new families into the community. In St. Robert’s history, the Emerald Auction is known as the most successful event of the year, and everyone is hoping that the fun of the night and the achievement in helping St. Robert school will be an everlasting tradition.

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