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Glossier. Sound familiar? You might recognize the name from your Instagram feed. This millennial-favorite skincare brand is taking over the beauty industry, and for good reasons. Keep reading to find out why this should be your new favorite brand.

Glossier (pronounced gloss-ee-ay) was founded by blogger and fashion industry insider Emily Weiss. She was employed at Vogue and W Magazine and a few months later, she decided she wanted to start a blog all about beauty; she called it Into the Gloss. On the blog, Weiss wrote what became the signature concept of the blog: “the top shelf”. Fashion and beauty professionals Weiss had met at Vogue allowed her to photograph the inside of their medicine cabinets. Then, she wrote about what products they used and why they worked.

As the blog gained popularity, Weiss realized that most large, popular beauty brands monopolized the market, and most of the time, smaller beauty brands had a short lifespan on the market because they were absorbed by the bigger brands. Weiss wanted to create her own brand that had personality; something like a friend in the sea of intimidating beauty giants. Also, she wanted to make products where a person wouldn’t have to buy the whole collection for their skin to glow (i.e. they could pick and choose the products that worked best for them). Thus, Glossier was born.

The first products Glossier carried were a cleanser, a priming moisturizer, lip balm, and a misting spray. The site and products were decked out in millennial pink, humorous phrases and simplistic yet editorial style photos. Weiss’ strategy surfaced; news of the brand spread through word of mouth and most importantly, social media. People became obsessed with how aesthetically pleasing the brand was and – most surprisingly – how well the products worked. More skin care products, like an acid exfoliator, sunscreen, face masks, and serums were eventually added to the line. Makeup, like liquid blush, brow gel, lipstick, lipgloss, concealer and mascara appeared on the site as well. Now, Glossier is referred to as a cult favorite, meaning that most who use the brand once fall in love and never switch.

Glossier is changing the beauty game, and in a major way. Will you join the revolution?



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