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The sound of fun spreads throughout the St. Robert School and Parish Fair. St. Robert School and Parish is famous for hosting a fun event that brings families and friends to support the Church at the start of every June. This event includes games that are run by both students and adults. The fair also incorporates food, live bands, face painting, and a chance to earn tokens that can be exchanged for prizes. This is an exciting event that even alumni don’t like to miss. This year, the fair is scheduled to be the first weekend in June, June 2nd and 3rd.

The fair provides lots of opportunities to see old friends, to taste new things, to make new friends, and to win some prizes. Also, the whole St. Robert community contributes in some way, such as volunteering to help with games, face painting, selling food or tickets, giving away prizes, or being part of the entertainment of music for the fair.

Olivia Connell, an 8th grader at St. Robert School has been to the fair many times since she was a little girl. She recalls about the fair: “A lot of my family hangs out at the fair every year and it is a good way to catch up with old friends. [Also,] I like the fair because of the amazing food that they serve. I love the corn on the cob, and the pulled pork sandwiches! I like all of the games that they have at the fair. It is so interesting to see the different ones they come up with every year.”

The fair this year is led by a St. Robert parent, Mr. Cincotta. At first, St. Robert was sad to say that there would be no fair this year because no one was able to lead this event. However, Mr. Cincotta stepped up to be the chairperson, which pleased the whole St. Robert community as his volunteerism would make the fair possible this year. Mr. Cincotta states about his role in the fair: “The fair is one of the greatest events of the year for our parish and school. When I learned that many of the volunteers who had run the fair in the past had not had a break for several years from doing all the work, I volunteered to take on the chair position. However, it is really the sub-chairs and other parents and parishioners that run each event, game and food booth that make the fair a success. I am recruiting new parents and others so they can help in years to come and also appreciate the fair. The fair is a very special time for everyone. Seeing the happiness and joy and excitement on the faces of our students and especially our younger elementary kids is what really inspires me about the fair and St. Robert. There is always a lot to do and we are in the busiest time this month. It will be a lot to do but very much worth it. The best part is going to be seeing all the kids and adults enjoying the fair. Also, seeing the dedication of our many veteran volunteers has been very gratifying. And also I get to order the games and other stuff and because of that I was able to order two new games this year and a 3rd inflatable bouncer/obstacle course so everyone should plan to come and try those out.” Everyone should know what goes on behind the scenes and how much dedication, time, and effort it takes to make this special event happen.

The fair is one of the biggest and most fun-filled occasions there is at St. Robert School. For these reasons, the fair has been a tradition and hopefully will continue to be one at St. Robert for many years to come. It not only is a great time to see old friends and to play fun games, but it also raises money for the parish of St. Robert, which is greatly appreciated.

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