The Big Transition: High School

DSHA High School

Maggie, Off Campus

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As the school year comes to the end, St. Robert says farewell to another 8th grade class. As everyone says their goodbyes to their childhood friends, students can’t help but wonder “What happens now?” Well, now is time for high school, a big and scary place where children become adults, learn valuable life lessons, and find themselves in the crowded and hectic hallways. It is a shame, however, that the class must leave their friends from elementary school behind, but that’s life. Many graduating St. Robert 8th graders are going to a variety of different schools next year all across the city, and they are sad to be split up, but they do have a lot of good things to say as they leave the community.

Eighth grader Lucy, like many of the eighth grade girls, is going to DSHA. DSHA is an all girls Catholic high school in Milwaukee and was the top choice for many St. Robert girls. Lucy explains that she chose DSHA “because they have really good athletics, academics, and it is a really good Catholic high school. Also it has the aspect of all girls, as Marquette does with boys, and that intrigues me.” DSHA does indeed have incredible athletics and academic programs, but other schools do too.

Marquette High School does many activities in association with DSHA. The all boys Catholic high school is one of the best high schools in the state, and the boys that go there are lucky to attend it. This prestigious Jesuit run high school is the top choice of many of the St. Robert boys. Several of the boys graduating from St. Robert are planning on trying out for a variety of sports teams once they reach Marquette.

Another Catholic school St. Robert students are looking to attend is Dominican High School in Whitefish Bay. This high school has hosted many events for St. Robert students, including the music festival and science competitions. This school is known for their incredible arts programs though it does offer a number of state champion sport teams as well. They have a number of great academic programs and wonderful religious classes.

A number of St. Robert students are also attending other schools, such as St. Thomas More High School, or non-Catholic schools like Whitefish Bay High School, and Rufus King High School. Several students are attending non Catholic high schools, a popular choice being Shorewood High School. No matter which school the graduates attend next year,  all of them are going into the next four years with many fears and worries, including the homework load and even making new friends in the new environments.

Will teachers be mean? What if I don’t understand the classes? How will I make friends? These are all questions that eighth graders, both past and present, think about. However, the final weeks of school pull the current class close together. They have learned that no matter where they go, or what challenges they face, they always have friends by their side even if they aren’t at the same high school. For those from St. Robert come to know that no matter where they are in life,  St. Robert is their home.

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