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Mrs. Flynn

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All over the United States, the 2018 school year is coming to a close. Only a few weeks remain before the current 8th graders are off and must begin the next stage of their lives: high school. Luckily, they still have a couple more exciting events, such as field day, before the year truly comes to a close. Field day gives the teachers the opportunity to bond with their students and have a fun relaxing day while also allowing the kids to participate in cool, competitive games. This year’s field day is really looking up, but can it beat last year’s?

The games at field day are by far the most important element. Several of the games are repeated from the previous years, yet they are still enjoyable, which is why they return year after year. Some of the games include basketball, tug-of-war, and water balloon toss. A student named Conor said, “Basketball is definitely the best game because we get to play against all of our friends. Also, long jump and water balloon toss are super fun.” Unlike basketball, many games that can’t be played outside are located in the gym. These games also vary depending on the space and how many people are present.

Additionally, the 7th and 8th students get the opportunity to be able to run their very own station. They pick their idea, confirm it with Mr. J, and design how it works. This allows the students to be interactive with the younger grades and act as future role models for them. Conor said, “I am running basketball with Frank and Michael. It’s nice to be able to pick the station you want to run because then you are in charge of something you like.” This also gives the younger students the opportunity to be able to know that they will be able to run a station when they are considered “the big kids.”

In summary, field day is one of the most anticipated events in the entire school year. To make this day amazing students are recruited and asked to run their very own station. Field day give the students time to run around outside, work together, and develop great bonds with not only their peers but also their teachers. These are all the reason to why St. Robert’s field day is the best day in the entire school year.

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