A New Face is Singing at St. Robert

Ava H, Arts

After Mrs. Janisch moved on from St. Robert this past summer, many students were scared of getting a new music teacher while others were very excited for the change. With the introduction of a new teacher, an addition has been made to the school community. Mrs. Gall, a music teacher from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, started teaching the middle school choir just a few weeks ago.

Mrs. Gall has been teaching general music for three years, and this will be her first year teaching choir. She explained, “I’m very excited to teach; choir is a lot of fun, and a lot of fun to teach because you get to learn a bunch of advanced songs.” Mrs. Gall came from the conservatory which has a connections program where they send teachers to schools that are looking for one or just want a new or unique educational experience. There are many teachers at the conservatory. Mrs. Gall noted that at the conservatory, “You can take music lessons and voice lessons, and a place where everyone can go to learn more about music.”

Before Mrs. Gall became a music teacher, she was an English teacher. She went to Africa in college to teach the language of English to kids. However, even though she came to music as a second career, music has always been a love of hers.Mrs. Gall states, “I really loved singing and choir in high school I was successful, more than other areas; I grew to love it. She combined teaching, and music as one talent, and she decided to become a music teacher.

Mrs. Gall has already made a huge influence on the choir students at St. Robert so far. Flannery states, “We already learned a lot on the first day of school.” Obviously, Mrs. Gall has done a fantastic job teaching middle school choir so far.

The middle schoolers at St. Robert seem to like Mrs. Gall as Mary explains, “I like the way she teaches because she makes it more fun.”  Mrs. Gall explains, “ I’ve heard really great things [about St. Robert]…, and I was excited to teach general music and [for] the challenge to teach middle school choir.” The middle school has choir class two times a week. They have class on Monday and Thursday from 10:15-11:00 in the morning.

In middle school, all students have to take a music class, whether, it is band, choir, or strings. In choir students can express themselves while singing the musical tunes. Mrs. Gall has made a big impact to the school by allowing choir kids the opportunity to explore this area and bu teaching them how to use their own musical talent through their vocal instruments.

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