Ms. Lesjak; The Office Superhero!

Sebastian D. and Max F.

When someone thinks of the busiest person in the office, many may think of Mrs. Beckman or Mr. Berg, but what about Ms. Lesjak? Every day, Ms. Lesjak wears four hats, and one of these responsibilities is development. This means she helps the school grow and become an even better school! One of the ways she does this is by supporting the teachers and parents with things like Thursday folders and getting the correct important documents shared both digitally and physically in those folders. She also helps manage volunteers. Also, she will assist Mrs. Beckman when she needs help or needs something done around the school.

Another big responsibility of Ms. Lesjak’s is that she helps the school with marketing and recruitment. This means that she creates ads and marketing campaigns in order to attract more students and families to St. Robert. The way she does this is by developing outside relationships with families in order to attract them to St. Robert. She may also talk to the parents of children that are considering sending their child to St. Robert in order to help them better understand the school and community. Finally, Ms. Lesjak gives tours of the school to parents and children that may want to go to St. Robert.

Lastly, one of the biggest responsibilities of Ms. Lesjak’s is alumni relations. This means that she keeps in touch with graduates of St. Robert as well. One of the reasons the school does this is so the alumni can send their kids to St. Robert or support the community in other ways.

While Ms. Lesjak is a staple at St. Robert now, she wasn’t always in Shorewood. Ms. Lesjak was born and raised  in Oak Creek and went to St. Matthew’s elementary and middle school. She then went to an all-girls high school called St. Mary’s and later went to USC for college. There she studied marketing and development. She then worked at Dominican High School. Eventually, she shifted from the nearby high school to her current position at St. Robert. She explained, “I used to work at Dominican High School before I came here, so I knew a lot of St. Robert’s children at Dominican, and I thought they were very well-rounded.”

She wanted to work with younger kids instead of high school kids. She also said that she wanted to try something new, and the switch to St. Robert offered a change.

Ms. Lesjak said that she likes to do development work, marketing, recruitment, and Alumni relations here at St. Robert. When she was asked if it was fun to work at St. Robert,

she replied laughing, “Some days it’s fun, but it’s never boring. Every day she works super hard and the fruits of her labor are seen through enrollments, outreach, and more.! She gets to work with kids and she loves to do that work. This is clear even when she gives parents a tour of the school as she has a great source of energy within her. When she gives the tours, students note that she is never in a bad mood.

Ms. Lesjak has worked here for many years here at St. Robert and has never let the school down. She will now be moving onto her fourteenth year with the school. She also indicated that St. Robert has become like family to her when she said, “I have two hundred and eighty kids and maybe even more.” Her clear love for her work makes her the great leader that she is in the St. Robert community.

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