The Best Principal

Trixie S. and Dana M.

Mrs. Beckmann is not your ordinary principal. She is a kind leader who helps many kids every day. Mrs. Beckmann has many jobs within the St. Robert community. She has been here leading this school for 20 years! She has been at St. Robert School for 20 years and loves this school.

Mrs. Beckmann has a background in special education, teaching in this area before she was a principal. She was also a student advisory leader for 13 years. She was offered the job of principal multiple times but rejected the offer because she felt she wasn’t ready. When the former St. Robert principal got sick, the school reached out again but she rejected the offer once more. Then one evening, Fr. Dennis called and asked her to reconsider, so she finally took a chance and decided to say yes. She was serving as a replacement principal for just four months.

At the time she was filling in, she didn’t have the degree to match her high-level position, and she felt that pursuing the degree while also doing the job would be too much hustle and bustle. Therefore, since she did still have an interest in this type of leadership, Mrs. Beckmann got her degree in principalship the very next summer and the following school year, she started her journey as the official full-time principal at St. Robert School.

Mrs. Beckmann is the leader of instruction, faith, and safety. As the instructional leader of the school, Mrs. Beckmann needs to be able to talk to all teachers to see what the game plan is in the classroom. She helps teachers learn new strategies and works with them on improving the curriculum.

To be a safety leader, she has to do things that help keep the school and the people around it safe. This includes leading the carline and making announcements over the loudspeaker. She also makes tough decisions about practicing emergency drills and designing the best possible safety procedures for teachers and students to follow.

In addition to leading the school through implementing best practice safety precautions, Mrs. Beckmann also acts as a leader of faith. Mrs. Beckmann has to support the Catholic community and make sure her students are learning about it by telling how the messages from the homily can show up in our lives. She does this by always discussing the homily after mass on Fridays and leading services in lent and advent.

Mrs. Beckmann loves to inspire children of all ages to be a leader to others as well. She mentioned, “Even a third grader can influence a kindergartener.” Through her many leadership examples, students in the school can see ways that they too can lead. She works to give opportunities to students, where they can inspire younger generations at the school. Mrs. Beckmann likes to help children who want to inspire others in this way. She cares about this school like a family, so St. Robert will always remain in a special place in her heart. Due to her love, her leadership is not only present but impactful.

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