New Church Basement, More Changes


Mitchell M.

Ricky F., Progress & Change

The band room, or church basement, is where most musicians learned to played basic instruments at St. Robert. Students learn to master instruments like the flute, the drum, the gong, the saxophone, the triangle, and more. The band plays in the church basement led by the talented Mr. Zolinski. In the past, the wonderful music being made contrasted this drab location, tucked away in the basement. However, over the summer, the church basement got improved. The room was given quite the facelift, bringing a pleasant atmosphere into the space.

The idea of the improve church basement was brought up by “members of the school, parish, and the community [who] hold meetings and discussions on how to improve St. Robert,” said Mr. Zolinski. The old church basement had lots of taken up room with all the stuff in it. There was fundraiser, which also helped raised money for the proposed improvements to the basement space. Mr. Zolinski said, “it now officially called St. Robert Community Room. [The idea to rethink the space] was initially brought up as something that could have potentially been a fundraising event at last year’s Emerald Auction.” The money raised was over $30,000.

The new church basement came with may improvements. Those in charge of the redesign added “new furniture like couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, rugs, and even a new refrigerator,” said Mr. Zolenski. There are also small changes like lights and a room divider. These additions certainly improves the mood and vibe of the place, and there is even more stuff to come. Mr Zolinski also said, “there will be more nice furniture and there will be sound-absorbing wall panels.” Another addition to the space was the projector system, which allows for more freedom and capabilities in teaching.While band students use this room heavily, the space is also utilized by a variety of church groups. All of these improvements were made to serve the various groups of people that meet in the Community Room.

The band students are particularly excited for how the improvements will impact their regular meetings with Mr. Zolinski. Mr. Zolenski said, “I certainly believe that the band students like the new Community Room… and it has made our rehearsals more fulfilling and enjoyable.” The improvements create a fresh, new environment, which makes for a great new change. One of the band students, Lily, said, “it more clean, and more modern looking.” The church basement is an incredible place where students learn to play instrument. Thanks to the new improvements and great teacher, and positive vibe will result is lots of joy for the band students.

The community of Saint Robert is excited and happy with the new changes in the church basement. With the new a furniture and redesigned space,  the church basement will be welcome place for the whole St. Robert community.

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