She Needs to Practice!

Ava H, Arts

With the St. Robert School annual Christmas concert coming up, homework, and forensics on the rise, time is tight, but one 7th grader can balance all of these activities while also pursuing her musical talents. Lily, a student St. Robert, is involved with all of these programs, but also takes piano lessons on top of everything else.

Lily has been taking piano since she was just a little kindergartener. She is now in the 7th grade, so that makes eight years of piano lessons!. The piano is a large instrument with a keyboard. When pressed, the keys on the piano make a beautiful sound. The piano is almost identical to a harpsichord.

Lily enjoys the piano as she states, “I like the piano because it is fun because you get to express yourself and once you get good, you can choose what songs you want to learn, and the level of difficulty.” Piano playing is an expressive and interpretative art. There are many famous piano composers, such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, and many more who share Lily’s appreciation for the expression this musical instrument can bring.

In addition, Lily takes piano from Ken Bruce. Ken Bruce teaches 40 students at Parkside Suzuki Piano School in Glendale, Wisconsin. Ken explains that he thinks Lily is a good piano player, and that her that only struggle is to practice more. He explains that it would not be hard, “This would not be hard or rigorous practice but just merely playing the piano more than she does now.”  Also, her strengths are that she has great joy and enthusiasm. Also, he states, “This comes through in her playing.”

Lastly, when playing the piano people have difficulties from having small hands, and stiffness. People benefit from having long fingers and bigger hands so they can reach both ends of the piano. If there is stiffness in hands it is harder to play because you can barely move your hands if you have stiffness. Lily has all of these good features which basically means she can play anything.

Lily is an amazing piano player as her piano teacher thinks and what is very important is that she likes the hobby.

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