The Man With the Whistle

Mara A and Mercedes P, Saints & Leaders

Most students look forward to the days they get to bound down to the gym and play their favorite sport. There, one teacher is in charge: Mr. Jefferson or more commonly Mr. J or J.  

Mr. J grew up in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his mom and his dad, and when his dad left, it was just him and his mom. Mr. J explains that he has been teaching for 28 years and has been at St. Robert for nine years.

Things that Mr. J enjoys include, Mr. J, explains some of his favorite hobbies.  “Wednesday men’s league basketball, video games, and [watching] westerns and cartoons.” Mr. J enjoys teaching seventh and eighth grade because the students are very self-sufficient.  

Mr. Jefferson says that his favorite sports to teach are floor hockey and basketball. He communicates that “making students happy, trusting him and seeing students smiling” is one of the things he enjoys about his job. Mr. J enjoys St. Robert because he says, “St. Robert is great and he likes the religious experience combined with the education experience and all of the opportunities Mr. J says, “I was in love with sports and I was always from a young age in the gym.” Mr. J says he loves the students, and his love for teaching has nothing to do with gym class or the skills and is all about the students.”

In addition to teaching gym, he also supervises the playgrounds during recess and he blows a whistle to signify the end of recess. As all the kids run out the door screaming, he greets everyone with a smile and an occasional hug. Lily says, “The hug makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.” That proves that Mr. J makes everyone very happy and that makes people feel happy when he gives them hugs.

In conclusion, Mr. J is a loving and amazing teacher who is funny, caring and loveable. Mr. Jefferson makes everyone feel happy. He leads people by helping them be a better athlete and he also leads people to be happy and feels good about themselves.

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