The End of an Era

The End of an Era

Elvis Kennedy

Naod F., Editor-in-Chief

Over the years, the Green Bay Packers have had their ups (winning the 2011 Super Bowl) and downs (Aaron Rodgers breaking his shoulder and most of this past season). Because of how terribly the past season went, midway through it, the Packers sacked head coach Mike McCarthy, who had been with the organization since 2006. Although his firing was a controversial move, there were many people happy that he had been let go during the season while others thought the Packers should’ve waited until after the season. One Packers fan named Evie believes the managers should have waited on the firing.

Since Mike McCarthy had been with the team for 13 seasons, he was a big part of the team, but CEO Mark Murphy stated, “The 2018 season has not lived up to the expectations and standards of the Green Bay Packers. As a result, I made the difficult decision to relieve Mike McCarthy of his role as head coach, effective immediately” (Abdeldaiem). Because the Packers couldn’t go out looking for a new coach until the season ends, they chose the Offensive Coordinator, Joe Philbin, to serve as the interim head coach (Abdeldaiem). However, now that their season is over they have chosen Matt LaFleur as the head coach. LaFleur was last on the Tennessee Titans as their offensive coordinator before joint the Packers.

Although McCarthy was with the team for a long time, the team decided to fire him because of how the past season went. The Green Bay Packers was his first team to serve as the head coach of. Before joining the Packers, however, he was the Offensive Coordinator for five years with the New Orleans Saints and one year with the San Francisco 49ers (“Mike McCarthy”). Now that the season is over McCarthy is rumored to be looking at joining the New York Jets. In one interview of Aaron Rodgers, the star player who has been on the team with Mike McCarthy since the beginning stated that he heard of the firing “‘the same way most of you found out.’ Rodgers said he wasn’t anticipating the news whatsoever and was ‘shocked’ to see it happen” (Kipp).

In addition to Aaron Rodgers shock, fan Evie also was a bit surprised. She believes Mike McCarthy should have been fired after the season because it was a big move for everyone, especially the players who have to get used to a new coach, mid season. Although she likes Mike McCarthy, she believed that no matter what time they fired him this season (during or after) was ok because he had been with the team for such a long time that they needed a fresh perspective.

All in all, Mike McCarthy helped the team in many ways, especially in helping them reach and win the XLV (2011) Super Bowl. Although many are sad he had to go, it is also a fresh start for the team because the new head coach will help them adapt to a different style of play, which can help them in the years to come. Finally, Mike McCarthy will be remembered as a great coach for Green Bay.



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