Mr. Berg Has Left St. Robert School


Mary F

Alex, Progress & Change

St. Robert School often has students entering and leaving the community from year to year. However, recently, the student body had to deal with an unexpected change mid-year. Mr. Berg, the office secretary, has left the academy. He left to become a train designer: a dream job. Both the students and the workers have mixed emotions about Mr. Berg leaving St. Robert School. Mr. Berg was great at his job, and he had a positive impact since he helped everyone who came through the office door.

Mr. Berg enjoyed supporting all the kids at St. Robert School. Mr. Berg made a huge difference by comforting anybody that came by with any sort of distress. Even if it was a small scratch or even a concussion, Mr. Berg was always there. He didn’t just help with injuries, he helped with many other tasks. For example, he helped with forgotten lunches, missing homework, instruments left at home, anxiety, and even the loss of a loved one. Overall, Mr. Berg always cared for everyone in the St. Robert School community.     

“I am sad that Mr. Berg left…” said Seb from the 7th-grade class. Seb is not the only one feeling this way. Multiple students at St. Robert School are feeling down now that someone who made St. Robert complete is no longer here. However, some students are happy that he left to become what he wanted to be. They recognize that his departure is a move that will allow him greater joy in his career. As a very talented man, there is no doubt he will find success. The St. Robert family will support Mr. Berg and his decision to move forward.  

The smiling face that gave everyone who stepped into the office a warm welcome has left to pursue a career that aligns with his artistic abilities. Mr. Berg always had artistic abilities. He loved to draw and sketch. Some of his drawings were displayed on his desk in the school office. He donated his time to draw a portrait of a famous packer player live at the Emerald Auction in 2017. Mr. Berg will get to use his creative skills more as he new job: a model train designer.

Two years ago, Mr. Berg came to our school not knowing anybody an a stranger to all the students.  He then learned all of the students’ names and their personalities. He quickly earned St. Robert’s trust. He shared his talents with the school community and did his job well. Some students grew close to Mr. Berg and were sad when he left. Mr. Berg may be gone but not forgotten.   


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