The Man With No Car

Mitchell and Donovan , Saints & Leaders

After the departure of Steve Haberman and Jill Haberman, the former seventh-grade Religion and Literature teachers, St. Robert began their search for a new seventh-grade teacher. After searching for a while they came across a man named Mr. Brehm, who shares his energetic personality with anyone he meets today.

After kids spent time with Mr. Brehm in his classes, five years ago in the year of 2014-2015, students wanted to know more about him. For example, Mr. Brehm states, “In my free time, I enjoy getting exercise by taking runs along the lakefront, visiting family, reading poetry and works of books, and long naps after eating Chicago deep dish pizza.” The subjects that Mr. Brehm has chosen to pursue his teaching career are Literature and Religion. Mr. Brehm enjoys teaching literature because it explains a lot of what the text means and represents. He also explains that literature is an enjoyable subject for him to teach because it contains reading and that is something that he likes to do.

Mr. Brehm explains that teaching and grading can be difficult, but at the same time, he reflects and says, “I am glad I am spending my time in a classroom so that kids will be able to learn and advance in learning.” Mr. Brehm has lots of teaching methods and finds any way to get the information that the student needs to them. He can make jokes and fun, but when the class has to get serious, he can be strict and focused.

Mr. Brehm has always stayed persistent in whatever he is doing. He is a great role model and a good leader. For example, Mr. Brehm explains that he does not have a car, and he does not need a personal vehicle that he can rely on to get to places. Though many people try to convince him to buy a car, he always says that he doesn’t need one though he does not live in walking distance from the school. With him living more than five minutes away, it is amazing how he can still get here early without a personal vehicle without a personal vehicle. Mr. Brehm explained that when the temperatures are above freezing, he will be willing to ride his bike to school. In other words, he states that “if I have to wear a winter coat, I will not ride my bike.” If he is not willing to ride his bike to school, he will put the Milwaukee Public Transportation System to good use by riding the city bus.

Overall, Mr. Brehm is willing to do anything he has to do to accomplish a task. Mr. Brehm is a hard-working teacher and tries his best to make every student the best they can possibly be.

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