New Office Secretary: Mrs. Hagedorn

Ricky F., Progress & Change

The office secretary does a lot for Saint Robert School, and this role is one of most important jobs at Saint Robert as the secretary is responsible for most day-to-day scheduling. In the fall of 2018, Mr. Berg left Saint Robert, and Saint Robert had no secretary for about two months. While this was sad, Saint Robert eventually did hire a new secretary. On February 11, Mrs. Hagedorn came to Saint Robert and filled the spot left empty by Mr. Berg.

Before taking the position at St. Robert, she worked as a parish musician for 40-50 hours per week, practically never making it home. Mrs Hagedorn was looking for a new job to allow her to spend more time with her family, and she picked Saint Robert. Mrs. Hagedorn explains, “I was looking for a job that would give me more time with my family, especially time on the weekends.” When she was looking at job listing at The Archdiocese of Milwaukee for schools and churches, she saw an opening for Saint Robert and she applied right away. She has known about Saint Robert for a long time, and she heard good things about the school too.

Mrs. Hagedorn’s job is to help Saint Robert School with routine scheduling, activities, and communication. Her job has her working from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm as she answers the doorbell and phones in the office. Daily tasks also include greeting the early middle school students who come to school early and signing in all children who arrive late for the day. She also records all hot lunch orders and daily attendance from classrooms. Another duty is receiving forms and/or money that has been sent to the office to be given to other faculty members, the parish, or to be filed away. The secretary even has to care for the students who are injured, or don’t feel well while also greeting parents or community members who who come into the building. However, Mrs. Hagedorn’s favorite task is eating the birthday treats from generous students. Everyday is different and brings unique challenges for her, and most importantly, she loves this school.

Lastly, everyone has a favorite and least favorite part of school. Mrs. Hagedorn says that her favorite part of the school is “[the] people! I was so warmly welcomed by students, teachers, staff, and parents when I came. It’s extremely satisfying to have a job centered around helping people.” Helping people in especially important part of her work as “[in] every family there are hurts and sadness along with the joys and happiness. When someone in the school family faces a tough challenge, I hope they know that everyone in the community is going through it with them.” She doesn’t like when people are hurt or feeling sad, and does whatever she can to be part of a supportive community for them. Having support helps in difficult times because then the person knows that the community is supporting them throughout the difficult time.  

The community of Saint Robert School is fortunate to have Mrs Hagedorn in the office each day. She helps a lot around the school, and she truly loves the people with whom she interacts. She is very kind to everyone. The job of school secretary may be tough, but she gets the work done to do her part at the school. Everyone at Saint Robert was happy to welcome Mrs. Hagedorn this year, for helping students, faculty, and parents.

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