Ava H., Arts

The St. Robert School play, Alice in Wonderland has just finished. The play’s auditions took place on February 1st while play practices started just a few weeks later. The play is a great opportunity for students to express themselves, show off their acting and musical talents, and learn new skills. Christina, a 7th grader states, “It’s very unique.” This play was like no other with crazy costumes and sets.

Alice in Wonderland is about a young adventurous girl named Alice. One day while she is outside with her sister Mathilda, she falls asleep. She spied a white rabbit carrying a pocket watch in her dream, and follows it to his rabbit hole. She jumps in and when comes out, she comes to an amazing, colorful, spunky world called Wonderland. The rest of the story is about her trying to find her way home because many unfortunate events happen to her while she is there.

There are many roles that had to be filled in this year’s play such as Alice, The White Rabbit, Mathilda, Flowers, and so much more. Lindsey, a 7th grader, took on the role of Mathilda, and shares her experience as being a part of the cast when she says, “It is stressful sometimes, and I still [have room for] improvement, but it is a really great experience, and really fun. In addition to the numerous just acting roles, students can sign up to be part of the crew. The crew deals with lighting, moving props around, and sound effects. Owen, the Assistant Director shares his work on the play when he states, “[The play] is stressful at times, but when it comes down all together it is a good experience.” Even though the play takes up a lot of time, it is a really great experience.

Also, the play is an activity where people can make friends across 5th and middle school grade levels. Lindsey claims that her favorite part of the play is when she is “with [her] friends.” Everyone loves hanging out with their friends; so why not be on stage with them too? Christina says that she did the play “Because [her] friends did it.” In the play, actors take on the role as a lead or can simply be part of the ensemble, but no matter the role they have, they are always surrounded by good friends.

The play was a great experience for the students to express themselves, show their unique talents and much more.




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