The Bobcats Journey to the Seton

Nick W, Sports

The school year just kicked off, which means grades fifth through eighth have an opportunity to play volleyball. Teams are brought together to compete against each other from all across the Milwaukee area. Also, the eighth-graders have a chance to play in The Seton, which is one of the biggest tournaments in which the students play.  

The students have been preparing for the Seton even before they joined the official league in fifth grade because St. Robert also has a Junior Bobcats program. Junior Bobcats allows kids who are younger to casually practice the sport, getting used to the rules of the game as well as basic skills. Along with volleyball, St. Robert also has the sport of basketball for those in the regular league and the younger students participating in the Jr. Bobcats. program. “ [I like playing] volleyball more than [any] other sport at St. Robert,’’ states Audrey, an eighth-grader. While volleyball takes place in the fall, basketball is offered to play during the winter season. Both of these sports are also taught during gym class for middle schoolers. The St. Robert gym teacher, Mr. Jefferson, teaches the students the simple fundamentals of each sport. 

 The Seton occurs at the end of the volleyball season. Numerous teams come together to compete at Center Court, an indoor volleyball, and basketball complex. Each team is seeded from best to worst, based on the regular season’s record. The tournament is set up in a way that the best seeds get to play the worst seeds first. The tournament is for both the girls and boys teams and St. Robert’s eighth-graders are optimistic that both teams will do well in the tournament. Before The Seton games begin, St. Robert holds a schoolwide pep rally. The pep rally is intended to let the students know when the games are. Also, the school provides a bus to Center Court where all the games happen to help spectators make it to and from the games safely. All the students have to do in order to ride the bus is to fill out a permission slip and bring five dollars; then they can come and cheer on their eighth-graders. 

Many students from St. Robert find volleyball a very enjoying sport. Audrey states, “It’s really fun because I get to play with my friends.” The girls’ eighth-grade team has been coached by Mrs. Harwood, a student’s mom, and Ms. Mathews, the middle school religion and social studies teacher, for all four years. Unlike the girls, none of the boys play club, but they are all passionate about the sport. Their coach is Bryan Fresieke, one of the student’s brother,  has been coaching them for the past three seasons. Both eighth-grade teams are very enthusiastic about the remaining games left in their last season at St. Robert. They both believe they will make The Seton and represent their school well in the massive tournament.

St. Robert School offers great opportunities to learn and play sports. Volleyball and basketball are played in two different seasons and are taught in gym class for students. Both of these sports end their season with a big tournament that has teams who compete from all over Milwaukee. Between both sports, St. Robert gives a great selection of ways to play, learn, and have fun. 


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