The Destruction of Hurricane Dorian



Nathan S., Off Campus

Recorded on September 7 by NASA, Hurricane Dorian struck Nova Scotia, Canada. This hurricane has destroyed Eastern Canada’s power lines and left 400,000 people without power. This was a horrible event because people in this area could not contact anyone to tell them that they were in trouble and needed help. Also, people could not contact loved ones to tell them that they were alright. Not only did Dorian cause power losses, but it caused heavy rainfall in the area. After the hurricane was left Canada, it swept down to the Magdalene islands, where it caused even more damage.This was the start of a hurricane that would only get stronger and destroy many homes and change peoples life forever.

There are many ways that people prepare for a hurricane but some ways that are popular are described by NBC’s 12 On Your Side. First people will need to fill up their bathtubs with water in case there is a shortage in water. People should also keep food and water that will last them several days. Not only should people keep extra food and water they should also have extra fuel in their car. There might be debris in people’s homes after the hurricane, so people may want to have a chainsaw ready in case there is debris. Since there will most likely be power outages, people may want a generator if they want electricity in their homes. People need to be careful with a generator because if not used properly the generator may release carbon dioxide into the home. Theses are some important tips that may help people or save their lives during a hurricane.

Hurricane Dorian then hit the Bahamas with a powerful force. This hurricane hovered over areas of the Bahamas causing it to be more devastating because it would destroy an area very slowly since it was just sitting there. The hurricane flooded streets, uprooted trees, and destroyed homes. This hurricane lingered for a long time.

When the hurricane finally ended a total of forty-five people were found dead, but it is believed that this number will increase as more and more bodies are found over time. This hurricane didn’t just kill people, but the hurricane left a total of 70,000 people homeless and living in hurricane shelters. All these homeless people have lost their homes and all that they have worked for before the hurricane. There are also thousands of people missing along with the homeless and dead. Researchers say that some bodies may never be recovered from the ruins of the hurricane because bodies will decompose faster at sea.

The Bahamas will never truly recover from this experience but some countries have come to the Bahamas’ aid and are helping the Bahamas through this difficult time. Some of these countries are Jamaica, United States Of America,  United Kingdom, Tobago, and Trinidad. These are only some of the countries that are helping, but every country in another’s house rebuilt and a step closer to a new beginning. Hurricane Dorian will always be a memory that nobody who lives in the Bahamas can truly forget. All in all, Hurricane Dorian was devastating and caused destruction and pain throughout the eastern coast of the western hemisphere.              




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