Go Green and Gold!

Lindsey H, Sports

The familiar phrase “Green and Gold” is coming back into the vocabulary of Wisconsinites throughout the state. The Packers have recently begun to play in the NFL’s 100th season. The Packers have started their season winning, 5-1 as of October 17th. The team has great players and are making new trades to help their team continue to excel. The statistics are looking good, so fans are very excited. Lastly, the Packers have great strategies and new tactics. The cheeseheads are ready for a record breaking season.

There are many familiar faces on the Packers’ roster: Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Corey Linsley, Ty Simmins, David Bakhtiari, and many more. All of these players are hoping to have a great 2019-2020 season. Sadly, some great players on the Packers have already gone onto the injury list. These players include Montravius Adams (shoulder), Geroniimo Allison (Concussion/Chest), and Kenny Clark (calf) among others. Also, some new players have been signed to the Packers, including Tommy Bohanon, Jackson Porter, and Adam Pankey. Thus far this season, there are not many Packers players on the NFL stat leaders, a disappointing prospect for fans. However, Blake Martinez is fifth in the NFL for total tackles (32). Also, Preston Smith is third in 4.5 sacks. Lastly, the head coach of the Packers is Matt Lafleur, who is in his 11th season as a Packers coach.

While considering the current roster, many people are excited that the Packers are back in action. Evie, a supportive Packers fan says, “I think they are doing fantastic; their defense has been very solid this season. […] I love watching the games.” Evie is very happy about how the Packers have been playing this year. They are producing many points while also not letting many points be scored against them. The Packers always deliver a very fun, entertaining game that Evie makes time to watch. Also, Trixie, another Packers fan, comments, “I think they are doing very well… I like watching football games even though I do not know how to play, or what the rules are. ” Football is a sport that anyone can enjoy, even if they do not understand every little detail about it. At the very least, most people understand that touchdowns result in massive points. Due to this, football is an entertaining and exciting game that any Wisconsinite can understand, enjoy, and get behind.

Lastly, there are many predictions about how the NFL’s 100th season will play out. Many people have been predicting that the Packers will win the NFC NORTH as long as they beat their main competition, the Minnesota Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings have been the Packers’ rival for years, and this year people predict that the Minnesota Vikings are going to lose. Another prediction is that Davante Adams will have a great season this year. After many years of practicing and developing, Davante Adams is ready for the best season of his life. Adams has always been a great scoring machine, and he will only get better. This year he will be more involved in the offense. Adams is predicted to have at least 15 catching touchdowns, which will be hard, but he can do it.

The Packers are ready for a great performance in the NFL’s 100th season. Thus far the Packers are 4-1 and are doing very well. Plus, the Packers have great fans, players, and the critics behind them, which will hopefully lead them to a Superbowl win. Everyone is very excited to see the Green and Gold clothing taking over people’s wardrobes and engulf the streets, and Lambo Leap’s fill everyones’ eyes.



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