New 7th Graders

Lily F, Progress and Change

Saint Robert School has some new additions to the student body. Some of their names are Tahlia, Ry’ver, and Nate, who are all joining the 7th grade class. Previously, Tahlia went to Woodlands public school located near Wauwatosa. Ry’ver went to Milwaukee College Prep, which is on the south side of Milwaukee, and Nate went to Lake Bluff which is in Shorewood. 

The first of our new students is Tahlia. She enjoys playing sports and hanging out with her friends. While switching schools, there have been some things she has had to get used to. One thing Tahlia said was different was the homework. Tahlia explained how she rarely got homework at her old school, and if she did, it was not a lot. However, while she says the homework here is not easy, it is also not overly difficult. She also says that she had no lockers in her old school, so she would have to use a drawstring bag to carry around her books. Due to this, she really appreciates the lockers here at St. Robert even though adjusting to them is something she has to get used to. That being said, Tahlia has really been enjoying her time at St. Robert. One reason she likes St. Robert is because the classes are more fun and engaging, and the teachers explain what they are teaching better in comparison to her old school. She also says that the people are very nice, and they make school fun. Tahlia has really been enjoying the school environment. She is also looking forward to creating tighter bonds with her peers and teachers in the future.

Another new 7th grade student here at St. Robert is Ry’ver. While Tahlia found lockers and homework a bit of a challenge, Ry’ver found that making new friends when coming to a new environment can be a challenge. She also explains that switching schools can be hard because it is like restarting everything, whether that is new friends or new ways of learning. Another struggle that can happen when switching schools is saying goodbye to former friends. She explains that it is hard to go from seeing her friends from her old school everyday to seeing them rarely.  In spite of some challenges Ry’ver has faced, there are many positive things that she has experienced while joining the St. Robert community. One thing that has been awesome in Ry’ver’s opinion is the way the teachers explain things. They explain what they are teaching in such a clear way that it is easy to understand. Another thing that Ry’ver likes about the school is how students get along recess. At her old school, she had no recess at all, so she really enjoys getting fresh air and hanging out with friends. One last reason Ry’ver likes St. Robert is because the classes feel shorter compared to the classes at her old school because the classes are more engaging and less boring. She also states that the people here are very nice and welcoming. Overall Ry’ver has really been enjoying her time so far at St. Robert and states, “I’m looking forward to a great year.”

An additional person who has joined the 7th grade class this year is Nate. Similarly to Tahlia, Nate enjoys playing certain sports like soccer and volleyball, as well as spending time with friends. Nate left his old school called Lake Bluff because it only went through the sixth grade. He was persuaded to join St. Robert because of his friends who told him it would be so much fun.  One thing that has been a bit of a challenge for Nate while switching schools is the English class taught by Ms. DeLapp. Nate explains how there were some things he did not learn at his old school that could have helped him this year. Furthermore, Nate says that he also doesn’t know everything in Spanish that his peers have already learned. For example, conjugating verbs are a new concept to him, but review for his classmates who studied with Sra. Demet for at least two years. Although these setbacks may seem like a lot, these are not that big of a deal to Nate as he states, “I will work on these skills by studying to become better at them.”Although Nate has faced a couple of challenges while switching schools, he has also faced many good things as well. One thing that is going well for Nate is his friends. Nate says that he has way more friends here at St. Robert, and he is very happy about that because “friends make school more enjoyable.” Nate also thinks that the classes are fun, and he likes the way the teachers teach because they make class fun. Generally, Nate also really loves St. Robert and everything it has to offer, just like Tahlia and Ry’ver. He is particularly looking forward to field trips, such as the big trip to the Concordia Language Villages in the spring. 

A student who has been here since K4 is Helen. She expresses how she feels about having three new peers in her class. Helen states, “I think that it’s a new  experience for not only the new students, but also for the previous students.” She also expressed how she felt about getting to know the new students, “I had known Tahlia since I was six, so it wasn’t a huge change for me, but it was a new experience for me and my fellow classmates when we formally met Nate and Ry’ver.” Helen enjoys having all three new students in her homeroom because it enables her to connect with them in a more thorough way compared to if they were not. A former new student expresses how she can relate to new students as well, this student is Katherine. Katherine understands how a new student could feel when they don’t know anyone. She expresses her opinion on the new students when she says, “At first, I understand how it would be hard to get to know everyone, but in the end, the new students will find out what a welcoming community St. Robert is.”   

In conclusion, the new students who have joined St. Robert are really enjoying school so far. Although they have faced some challenges, they have and will continue to face many blessings after joining this new school. It is the St. Robert community’s duty to be welcoming and inclusive towards them. 

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