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Alex Holyoake

Jane C, Daily Life

Middle school dances are a fun way for people to destress after a long week of school. However, for some people, there are somethings about the dances that actually create more stress. Recently, Some 7th graders shared their thoughts about their first year with school dances.

As 7th graders begin to attend school dances, they may find the dance stressful and a little over the top:  “…sometimes it can get a little too crazy and people need to settle down a little bit,” says one 7th grade student. The blasting music and bright strobe lights can become overwhelming for some people, but thankfully, most dances provide areas to rest away from the chaos when someone needs a break. Another difficulty faced at the dances is that the student can get really hot, overheating in the large crowds. While the weather outside may be very cold, once someone lets loose and starts dancing, they can become very warm. Many students say that they would not recommend long sleeves for the night. Also, while middle schoolers can learn to become more comfortable dancing in front of others, one student notes, “People [could] make fun of you for dancing a certain way.” 7th grades who are just entering the world of school dances are particularly worried about this. No one wants to feel uncomfortable being themselves, so the school hosting the dances and chaperones really try to have people feel as comfortable as they can be.  Then people can let go and have fun. 

While there may be some aspects of the dance that people do not like, lots of things have people loving the dances. “It’s a fun time to go out with your friends and kinda just go out there and be yourself,” says 7th grader Katherine. Lots of people expressed that they are now feeling more comfortable at the dances after having some experience attending them: “…for someone who likes to stay home a lot, it is their chance to get out of the house and spend time with…friends.” Usually, during a dance, people hang out with their friend groups. However, some people’s favorite thing to do during a dance is to meet new people from other schools. These social outings allow students to connect with each other in the real world.

A large part of creating that positive social environment is hosting a dance with other schools. “It would be too small with just one school,” says Nathan, a seventh grader. Having students from other parish schools allows people to talk and dance with new people, which many love to do. The dance is an easy and is great way to meet people from other schools, expanding friend circles beyond the walls of St. Robert. Because of dances, 7th graders mentioned friends that have stayed in touch with who they originally met at a dance. However, the aspect of having other schools come to dances is also daunting for a lot of people. One student says, “I think it would be nice to have a low-key dance with just our school.” While some are bold enough to leave their St. Robert friends and socialize with new people, most of the time middle schools just stay and hang out with their usual group of friends. These individuals may prefer to have the chance to have a smaller dance, where only St. Robert students are around. That being said, when schools mix together, a unique opportunity to expand social groups can result in lots of fun meeting new people. 

In closing, while the dance brings many foreign experiences to people which may seem intimidating, dances always provide a fun space to let loose, socialize with friends, and maybe even meet some new and interesting people along the way.

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