Saudi Arabian Oil Attack


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On September 14th in Saudi Arabia drones bombed oil tanks that were necessary for the success of the economy for Saudi Arabia. The oil tanks were deep inside the border of Saudi Arabia, and it is estimated that there were 5.7 million pounds of oil lost during and following the attack before the oil tanks could be repaired. 

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest oil exporters, supplying more than fifty percent of the world’s oil. One of the countries that rely heavily on oil from Saudi Arabia is India. For India, Saudi Arabia is the second-largest oil supplier for their country. India has lots of people, and they require a lot of oil to meet the needs of its large population. However, India is not the only country that relies on oil from Saudi Arabia. The United States depends on oil from Suadi Arabia as well, but the U.S. does have an oil reserve where they store lots of spare oil ready to be used in times of crisis.

The attack on Saudi Arabia did not go unnoticed by the political leaders. World leaders seek to find justice and blame Iran for the attack. Iranian leadership denies that they had any part in the attack, but Saudi Arabian leaders still blame Iran despite this denial. Meanwhile, rebels in Yemen have claimed responsibility for the attack, but Saudi Arabia knows that the rebels were from Iran, in their eyes, the country is at fault. On the other hand, Turkey has come to the defense of Iran and supports them in denying responsibility for the attacks on the oil tanks.  Turkey asks that Saudi Arabia works to prove and give evidence that Iran carried out the bombing if they want the country to be held responsible.

Saudi Arabia is not alone in its conclusion of blaming Iran. The United States also believes that Iranians are the culprits as do France, Germany, and Great Britain. The U.S. fears that this dispute will result in the nations waging war against each other. the want to support Saudi Arabia, so they are sending troops and missiles ready to fire on any threat daring to touch Saudi Arabia.       



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