Raise The Roof


Ricky F., Progress & Change

Roofs are on top of every building bringing the people inside protection from the weather outside. In Wisconsin, roofs help protect people from the rain and the snow that is constant. Saint Robert got a new roof this past summer because the old roof was beaten up by the harsh climate of Wisconsin.

The old roof for the school served its purpose to protect the people of Saint Robert from the cold and rainy weather in Wisconsin for many years. The new roof that was installed this summer sits atop of the northernmost section of the building. The area newly covered is close to 9,000 square feet. The project cost $108,000, and it took 3-4 weeks to complete. Mr. Sorce was the leader of this project. He works as Saint Robert’s Facilities Manager. Mr. Sorce says that this “project was discussed more and more over the past 5 years as repair costs slowly continued to rise.” While costs of the roof rose each year, the state the roof was in also deteriorated more and more. Mr. Sorce explains that despite the rising price. the new roof was needed because “The old roof material was well beyond its lifespan of 20-25 years and becoming dry and brittle in areas.” The project had been delayed for the past five years since the money needed was so great. Fundraising was essential.

The reason why this new roof is an improvement from the old roof is that it can help the student and staff. Mr. Sorce says, “The new roof protects classrooms and the gym from all of the outdoor weather elements and keeps the building dry. It also adds some insulation value which will save on heating costs.” With these improvements, Saint Robert can help their students with their health and safety. With the old roof, there were frequent leaks falling through the cracks, but with this brand new one, the building and people inside shall stay dry. 

Nothing in this world lasts forever. Something can get cut, bruised, destroy, or killed. For example, buildings can crack, break, and even fall apart. Something can get their life cut short by extreme weather as well. For example, natural disasters or strong winds can even cause serious damage to buildings. If the school did not make a point to raise money for the new roof, the building would have been at even more risk during extreme weather. However, by updating and repairing the roof, the building’s life is extended as well.

The new roof will be very helpful to Saint Robert’s continued future. The roof will protect the students and staff from the harsh elements of nature, and it lasts for a very long time. The future students of Saint Robert will be very grateful for this great addition to the school.

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