All Saints’ Day: Yet Another Holy Celebration


Matt H., Daily Life

Friday, November 1st was All Saints’ Day, a day all about celebrating the Saints who devoted their lives to God. It’s a day that St. Robert celebrates by getting their very own second graders to dress up as their favorite Saints and give the school a little bit of information about their Saint. This day is very inspiring, and it shows that just about anyone can be called to be a Saint. 

All Saints’ Day is all about celebrating the Saints, and they’re many effects on the Catholic Church. The holiday has been around since the sixth century, but it was made official in the 8th century. According to Ms. Matthews, “All Saints’ Day is all about remembering the saints that are in Heaven and that we can use them as invocations to answer our prayers.” The holiday can also remind people that anyone can become a Saint and that there is a need for more good in the world today. All Saints’ Day is also a Holy Day of Obligation. This means that it is a day set aside by the Church as a special day of celebration, and attendance at mass is mandatory on this day as it is on every Sunday. All Saints’ Day is a holy day of obligation because people of faith need to remember the ancestors of the Catholic religion and how they changed the faith for the better by bringing God’s word to life. 

To celebrate this day, the students at St. Robert dressed up as Saints at mass and shared a little description of who their Saint was and what their Saint did in their lifetime to affect the Catholic Church. Each child had prepared something to say, and though they weren’t all able to share during mass, they all were invited to share following the liturgy. For example, a student dressed up as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton informed the crowd that St. Elizabeth built the first free Catholic school in the United States. Another second-grader dressed up as St. Patrick described when St. Patrick chased snakes out of Ireland. All Saints’ Day is really fun and it’s very enjoyable for everyone because the congregation gets to learn from awesome second graders. 

All Saints’ Day is a really meaningful holiday to celebrate, especially because of the fun ways that St. Robert brings it to life and also because of the amazing people that are remembered and talked about on that day. It’s very important to remember these Saints because of all of their efforts towards making the Catholic Church what it is today.

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