A Supporting Soccer Team

Mara A., Off Campus

As a team, it’s important to work together and help others out.  On Wednesday October 23 night one team did that exact thing. MKSC U15 girls soccer team all worked together and scored a total of eight goals. Wednesday night was a great night. They came together as a team. They all had fun, worked together, and maybe even shed a few tears. 

MSKC is a club soccer team in Milwaukee. Their home field is at Uihlein Soccer Park.  A club team is made up of the best players that try out and the coaches want them on their team. It’s normally a two day long tryout for an hour and a half. They practice for three days a week from 7pm to 8:30pm. They travel around playing games every weekend around the area and playing in tournaments around the state.   

MKSC played MKSC Tosa on Wednesday, 23rd of November. That game they scored eight goals, including one goal from the goalie, Avery. Avery was playing forward  that day even though she had never played on the field outside of the eighteen box, where the goalie usually protects the net. She said that she had never felt happier. The whole team was super excited for her, and she had the coach in tears.  After she scored, she was greeted with a bunch of high-fives and people who were more excited than she was.

To take the place of Avery in the goal, Olivia stepped in to play keeper. She let in a total of zero goals during her stint in front of the net. She had a lot of fun playing in goal, but she was scared that she was going to mess up. Despite her fear, she agreed to fill this crucial role in order to help out a teammate so that she can play a position that she doesn’t normally play. By helping out that teammate, that teammate scored for the first time in over four years.  Oliva said, “The best part was when everybody got excited when I got… the ball.”

That night was the best game the team played that year. They worked together, scored goals by supporting one another, and got excited for each other.

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