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One activity that many St. Robert students love to participate in is forensics. Sylvia, a forensics team member, describes forensics as “a fun way to express myself….” Forensics is competitive speaking and acting. Members of the team choose a category, such as poetry, non-original oratory, storytelling, or another one of the 18 possible categories. 

After lots of time spent at practice, middle schoolers compete against students from other schools that are in the same category as them by performing their piece before judges each weekend in February and March. At some tournaments, after performing twice, students could be selected to perform once more in a power round in the hope of placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  When individuals don’t power, there is usually a DJ present, so children can dance and hang with friends as they wait. When the power competitions are over, the tournament hosts announce the winners for each category. All in all, the competitions are long but super fun. 

One reason that Forensics runs so smoothly and effectively at St. Robert is because of the middle school English teacher, Ms. DeLapp. Ms. DeLapp runs the St. Robert forensics team, which means she helps the middle schoolers perform their pieces to perfection. Every student should be very thankful for Ms. DeLapp because she aids all of the team members in order for them to place the best that they possibly can at tournaments. 

Forensics is a program that influences its members even when they are not competing. One aspect of forensics that will influence children’s personal and public lives is that the competitors will have worked to diminish their stage fright, making them more likely to speak up. Also, students who speak competitively have a new perspective on communicating and the best ways to express their life and ideas to others so that they are heard. Also, as a new team member, Lily states, “I’m excited to become strong in speaking.” This is a very appealing aspect to children, who recognize the need to be able to speak not just in the classroom, but in the real world as well.  

Forensics is an extracurricular activity that all middle schoolers should have the chance to participate in because of how it can positively affect a young teenager. Forensics could possibly change someone’s life for the better if they are brave enough to give it a chance. 

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