The Brains Behind White and Blue Press

Katherine P, Saints and Leaders

This year students have been amazed by the new leadership skills that Evie Coffou, White and Blue Press Editor–Chief, brings to the table. Evie is an eighth grader at St. Robert School and has written for the White and Blue Press since seventh grade. She did so well with her writing that the former Editor-in-Chief chose her to become the 2019-2020 editor. Evie has always wanted to become editor as she loves being able to write and edit for the White and Blue Press, and she would definitely recommend joining the paper’s staff to any newcomer.

Last year, Evie enjoyed writing so much that she wanted to be editor from the start. She wrote in her favorite column as a seventh grader, which may have fueled her enthusiasm for the paper. Since the start of Evie’s first year as a writer on staff, she says, “I was always driven to lead people. I love to lead hence my job will be President of the United States.” Evie is and will always be a very determined person, and the job of editor was just her first job that she will be able to succeed at. According to Evie, she has larger goals for her future, and her role in the White and Blue Press is just one more step to help her in the right direction. 

Also, in her year before editing for the paper, Evie wrote in the narrative writing column of the paper and enjoyed it very much. Evie loved to write narratives, and they very much inspired her to want to become editor. Finally, to become editor, Evie tried her hardest to write the best articles possible. These articles proved to Ms. DeLapp and former Editor-in-Chief, Naod Fessahaye what a great leader she would be if she was given the chance. There were many other times Evie proved herself to Ms. DeLapp the newspaper’s advisor, but her final papers leading toward the end of the year took her a step towards her goal. 

After Evie became editor, she learned that she had many responsibilities, and she needed to find a way to balance life, school, and White and Blue Press. Evie’s responsibilities as editor include writing an editorial for each issue that is published, editing every article written by the other staff members, and making sure everyone’s articles are published on time. For the school paper, there are two separate issues published: the White issue and the Blue issue. Evie must make sure she publishes an editorial in both issues, meaning she must write two articles at once. She has to balance this extra writing with also having to read and edit everyone else’s articles. 

While being an editor is a lot of work, it does have its perks, for Evie can write about anything she wants at any time, and she can share her opinions. Most writers for the white and blue press are assigned a specific column they must write for, limiting the possible topics; Evie can write whatever she wants in her own column called editorials. Here, she shares her perspective on chosen topics of interest. Lastly, Evie is able to balance everything going on in her life as well as the paper through, “time management.” She explains that time management “is a big thing [in order to get work done].” Without using time management, Evie would never get anything done as editor. She uses this skill in order to write, have fun, and work hard at school. 

Everyone loves how Evie leads White and Blue Press, and Evie strongly recommends White and Blue Press to everyone who asks, and this inspires many people to follow in the footsteps of Evie. According to Jane Callanan, Evie is a fantastic leader of White and Blue Press, Jane says, “[Evie] uses her time wisely and can manage the challenge.” Many students of White and Blue Press look up to Evie and are glad she is the editor. Evie is very skilled at working hard and she inspires her fellow students every day. Moreover, Evie recommends White and Blue press to anyone who asks her. Many people believe White and Blue Press is a very inspiring environment where people can share and express their ideas mainly because Evie helps and inspires people every day to write about what they believe in. Evie thinks everyone should be able to join White and Blue Press and have fun in it. Conclusively, Jane Callanan also talks about if she would want to be editor next year, she says, “I feel it would be a lot of work, but it would be a lot of fun.” Jane thinks it would be hard to do as much as Evie does, but overall it would be a great experience. Many other students such as Nathan Sanders feels this way as well. Evie has set such high expectations as the editor as well. 

Evie has many opportunities to write and lead coming her way in many forms. Evie one day would like to be president of the USA and being the editor of the White and Blue press is great practice for leading. Evie could go toward this route and become president, or she could choose other paths. For example, eighth grade student Flannery believes Evie could become closer to God, she says, “She would be a good nun. She’s very religious [and] follows in the footsteps [of] Jesus and God.” Flannery shows that Evie’s life could be very different than how she planned it right now. Evie’s future is not determined yet, but she has many more years in front of her before choosing her true path in life.

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