The End of “Dolan Twin Tuesday”


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A couple weeks ago, shocking news was introduced to the YouTube World: the Dolan Twins announced that their weekly Tuesday upload, also known as Dolan Twin Tuesday, has come to an end. Identical twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, have grown a well-renowned fanbase with 10.6 million subscribers on YouTube at the young age of 19. For the past six years, the Dolan Twins have followed an upload schedule of posting videos on Tuesdays, thus the term “Dolan Twin Tuesday”. Unfortunately, the two have been so stressed out that they told the world they needed to slow down their uploading process. With the help of Shane Dawson, an extremely well-known YouTuber who helps other YouTubers through their social problems, the twins hope to more positively frame their lives moving forward. 


When fans first heard that Ethan and Grayson Dolan were switching their upload schedule, many people were confused as to why they were indulging in this action. According to their video announcement, the two started YouTube with the intention of “having fun” and “making people laugh”, but as they became more invested in their YouTube careers, they felt that uploading was more of an obligation instead of just “having fun”. The twins shared that they have not liked the videos they have been creating because they haven’t been doing what they wanted in the videos due to the time crunch they have been on. The brothers explain that “If [they] have the proper amount of time, [they] can create something that [they] really love that [their] viewers will love as well”. 


When they first started their Youtube channel in 2014, they were young teens that enjoyed making people laugh. As time progressed, life became more complicated, which made it harder for them to upload a normal video in their homes. One of the most shocking stories of such complexities that the twins shared in the video was how they had been taking numerous flights to and from New Jersey, their hometown on a regular basis. Their father had been battling with cancer, and it has been difficult for Ethan and Grayson to see their father, for they live in Los Angeles, California. In trying to see their family at such an important time and also trying to continue their uploads, the boys have been flying out to New Jersey and back every week. They shared with their fans that they didn’t want their family’s struggles to be a focus in their videos, so they would fly back to Los Angeles and film their videos there to show everyone that nothing was wrong. In the end, this caused the Dolan Twins to be stressed about keeping their personal lives fulfilling.


After the Dolan Twins uploaded the video announcing their decreased video uploads, many of the fans expressed their thoughts on the topic as well. Trixie, an eighth grade student, spoke about how her feelings toward their video: “I support them through their tough times.” As a viewer, many people want to watch content that is riveting and funny. The Dolan Twins realized that their videos were getting boring. Although the brothers lived up to their upload schedule, they felt that their videos were not what they really wanted, but hopefully they know that their fans support their decision.


In conclusion, the Dolan Twins’ private and public life became too stressful to handle, and they are taking a break, but their fans won’t love them any less for doing so. Although the world will be seeing less of them, this is a positive step for their YouTube careers as it will allow them to refocus on what really matters.


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