Ew! It’s Moldy!



Evelyn C., Editor

Blue cheese: the pungent, horrific food of the earth. Blue Cheese is moldy cheese and people eat it, voluntarily. I could never. It makes me gag whenever I eat it. I personally love ranch dressing, but blue cheese dressing is horrendous. The taste and smell of blue cheese are horrendous. Many people enjoy putting blue cheese dressing on salads, french fries, and anything that they feel needs something horrific. 

I am a big fan of cheeses. However, the thought of eating moldy cheese makes my stomach hurt. I never have wanted to try blue cheese after I realized that I hated it in kindergarten. I was eating french fries and I accidentally grabbed blue cheese dressing instead of ranch, and I dunked my entire fry into the sauce. I automatically spit it out. 

Another time I was in France with my family on vacation and I did not know what gorgonzola was, the same thing as blue cheese, and I ordered a calzone with that in it. I was so excited for my calzone and it tasted horrible. One of my brothers ended up switching meals with me. I had his pizza, that had mozzarella cheese on it; it was much more delicious. 

When I was in fifth grade, I was eating a salad, and I thought that I grabbed the ranch dressing. I ended up grabbing the blue cheese dressing instead and I drenched my salad in it. I took one bite and I spit it back out. 

After all of these experiences. I will never want to eat blue cheese ever again. When someone in my family is eating it, I have to leave the room. The smell overcomes me and I can’t take it.

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